Leading through conversations is your ticket to the future!

The future belongs to the leaders who make it happen. Whether you are looking to progress in your leadership journey,  develop leaders in your organization or identify new leaders, Transformative Conversations® will give you the tools you need to guide your organization, and yourself, into the magical world of forward thinking  21st century leadership.

Do you know that the typical leader spends 25-40 percent of their time dealing with workplace conflicts? Yet, Stanford University Business School found that nearly 43 percent of senior decision makers ranked handling conflict as the highest area in which they need the most personal development. 

And what about unproductive meetings? If you’re a senior leader, it can take a whopping 50% of your time. What’s worse is how unproductive many of these meetings usually are. By creating a safe place, executives and business owners can then invoke the magic of strategic dialogue to douse the fires of conflict in a healthy way, and build an agile and innovative organization, where connection and collaboration grow. . . and meetings are not boring!  You are then ready to jump into the future!  Learn to create the culture of tomorrow through the magical power of Transformative Conversations!®       

Why Dialogue?

Dialogue engages the often-forgotten power of conversation to address leadership challenges. It offers the best stepping stones for you to reach your leadership pinnacle. As a conversation strategist I can guarantee you that If you want to be more effective as a senior decision maker, learning to lead through conversations is your best and quickest way to remove obstacles, facilitate engagement, increase productivity, and allow for change. Conversations persuade, connect, and drive action.

In the new business environment, results are not achieved through command, authority and control. Instead, an entirely new approach to leadership is required. Learn the new skills needed by becoming part of a selective wise group of senior leaders who have decided to enroll in a practical intensive executive program: Leading Through Conversations.

Individualized Strategic Conversations Executive Program

You can increase engagement, decrease misunderstandings, and increase your influence by learning to lead through conversations that bring outstanding results.

Are you tired of spending valuable time fixing misunderstandings and conflicts? Do you find yourself talking past others, or butting heads? Are your change efforts bogged down or have failed? Are your meetings ineffective and don't lead to action?

The easiest way to douse the fires of conflict, and build together an agile and innovative organization is by leading through conversations. Let the dialogue circle work its magic and make you shine as the master brain cocktail mixer.  

You see, today your leadership needs to be grounded in strong relationships, conscious influence, keen perception, comfort with risk taking, and facilitation of conversations. All of these become easier if you understand the chemical cocktails brains mix while in conversation and are able to create the best magical mixture for clarity and collaboration.

Learn the skills you need to be successful in today’s cutting edge business environment. Be more effective working globally, connecting with investors, working with your board of directors, or with your peers. Learn how to leave negative patterns behind and move from conversations that miss the mark to powerful Transformative Conversations® that trigger productivity, innovation and engagement. Become a forward thinking leader for the 21st century! Let the magic begin!

                                 Dr. Ada Gonzalez

                                 Dr. Ada Gonzalez



Leading effective meetings is one of the challenges reported by executives I work with. This report  7 Secrets for Highly Effective Meetings. Stop having boring, unproductive meetings.

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