Transformative Organizational Change

Transformative Conversations Consulting works with organizations that are serious about accomplishing and sustaining transformative change.  

Most organizational change efforts take longer and cost more money than leaders and managers anticipate. In fact, research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail.  There are many possible reasons for failure: a weak culture that isn’t aligned with the mission, lack of participation and buy-in, under-communicating a powerful vision, over-communicating a poor vision, not enough training or resources, and so on.

Our change consulting focuses on the art and practice of dialogue and collaboration as a way to involved everyone in the process of change. We work together to discover the key players, the critical systems, and the best ways to initiate and sustain change. Dialogue and collaboration are the main avenues to generate awareness, action, and sustainable change..

Individuals, groups, teams, and organizations will benefit by building understanding that leads to transformative change. We draw on principles and theories of transformative and organizational learning, dialogue, systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, and the latest literature and research on change.

The processes of transformative organizational change draw deeply upon the unique environment of each particular enterprise, but they have some qualities in common:

  • Discovery of the issues that drive the organization to seek transformative change.
  • Engagement of the key sponsors, systems, and social networks in the design and implementation of change.
  • Mapping of the critical components of the organizational system and its context.
  • Engagement of all players into full participation, dialogue, and collaboration for innovation and change.
  • Collective learning from experiences, so that we can generate deeper awareness and change.

The challenge of accomplishing and sustaining transformative change is often underestimated. When leaders set out to change the direction of the organization - to make it more resilient or innovative, to increase its capabilities, to flatten its management style, to merge diverse business partners, to shift its strategy, or to reorient its purpose - they are intervening in a complex system.

Working with us, leaders develop and apply an exclusive collaborative process: a sequence of strategies which are tested and refined through a variety of real-life change initiatives. Making a genuinely transformative change requires the investment of the same kind of care, time, and sponsorship that we would invest in a new factory, brand or market.

The Transformative Change Program involves a commitment of at least 10-18 months of focused engagement. Fees are based upon your needs. Contact us directly to find out how we can help you attain your goals for change.

To know more about how we can work together, call (302)399-3915 or contact us writing "organizational change" in the subject line.

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