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Transformative Conversations:  The heart of the leadership journey

Do people issues keep you awake at night? Do you spend valuable time fixing misunderstandings? Do you want to make a bigger difference and have more influence? The quality of the conversations you facilitate shapes the quality of your interpersonal relationships, and ultimately, the organizational culture. It all happens through conversation. Conversations are at the core of what leaders do. You can read my white paper Leading Through Conversations: The Future of Leadership to learn why Conversations are so important at present. Below are some of the ways in which you can further develop your leadership skills through dialogue.

Leading through conversations: 12 weeks intensive

This intensive and practical Leading Through Conversations program—which is based on a revolutionary neuroscience model of how brains and hearts interact—enables owners, boards, and senior executives to move from losing money, people, and time due to communication gone wrong to having more engagement and less time lost to conflicts and inefficiencies. You will learn how to foster productive dialogue both in meetings and in other difficult interactions. By developing your dialogue skills you will be a more effective leader: the kind this century demands! 

Strategic Conversations Executive Program


Meeting facilitation

Do you feel the need to sharpen your people's skills? Are your leadership skills up to par with the challenges of the future? The Strategic Conversations Executive Program provides individualized support that takes into consideration your personal needs and the larger context.  Through assessments, fact finding, and personal reflection you will go on a conversational journey of discovery and growth. You will achieve peak performance and gain more influence inside and outside the organization. You will:

  • Develop clearer verbal skills for better understanding and more effective communication.
  • Improve specific leadership skills, by learning how to facilitate dialogue. Whether it’s being more assertive, a better coach, converting planning into action, or increasing collaboration skills, it all happens through dialogue.
  • Plan and lead sustainable change initiatives effectively by learning how to facilitate the kind of conversations that elicit cooperation with reduced resistance to change. (It's all in knowing how to balance the chemical cocktail in your brain)
  • Create a viable future for your organization in collaboration with your team. 

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Are you tired of long meetings that go nowhere and rarely lead to action? Dr. Ada can help you focus on what matters, and to actively engage everyone in discovering. Together you will identify or design pre-meeting work to ensure that the meeting stays focused and productive. Meeting time is used efficiently, and results lead to action.  

Facilitation services help with collaboration efforts, working groups, integrating new team processes, or self-directed teams. It's especially useful for:

  • Corporate, Business, and Product Plan Creation
  • Change Management
  • Lifecycle Management Workshops
  • Positioning Workshops
  • Strategic Planning and Retreats
  • Executive Retreats

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Two days conversation intensive


Leading Through Conversations is a practical coaching intensive for leaders (eg. HR personnel, managers, executive team leaders, committee members, community groups, facilitators, trainers, project coordinators) who want to increase their mastery of communication tools and foster more productive dialogue in meetings and other interactions. It's Intended to hone dialogue skills.

As a leader, you’re the role model for the way conversations happen in your place. Your ability to conduct more skillful conversations is an indispensable 21 century leadership tool!

Learn a useful set of foundational tools to get your conversations out of unproductive debate/argument mode and steer them toward more constructive dialogues. 

NEXT ONE offered soon in Dover, DE. Ask me about how to bring this intensive to your organization.  

Leadership Conversations

A professionally facilitated mastermind small group (8-15 members) for working in your business with CEOs, Executives, and Owners just like you. The goal of the group is to dig deep on challenging and important issues by tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of the group. You will help each other improve your business, your leadership, and your life. The meetings interactive style acts as catalyst for immediate results and long-term development of leaders. 

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Do you know how to use the power of conversations to lead successfully? Do you worry about opening safe spaces where people engage more in conversation? Dr. Gonzalez can help you in your leadership journey by showing you how to lead through conversations.

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