Leadership Checklist

Leadership Checklist

We have past the mid-year mark. Every business and leader tends to stop, take stock, and see if they need to make any changes for the second part of the year. Except that many times leaders forget to do the same for themselves. Reflection is the only way to learn, change, and find wisdom.

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I found an excellent checklist for leaders which I think every leader should review at least once a year. Mid-year is a good time for discarding what is not serviceable and finding new beginnings. Therefore, today I want to remind you of the top 10 leadership checks you should reflect on. Take a few minutes and answer each one. Then think if you need to plan for any changes.



Top 10 Leadership Checks

  1. As a leader, I seek first to understand, and I listen to people until they feel heard (empathic listening).
  2. As a leader, I set the example others wish to emulate.
  3. As a leader, I vary my leadership style to motivate when needed or direct based on the needs and abilities of the team.
  4. As a leader, I vary my leadership style between people-focused and task-focused based on the situation I’m in.
  5. As a leader, I continuously find ways to simplify.
  6. As a leader, I focus on service to others.
  7. As a leader, I allocate time for what’s important.
  8. As a leader, I do what I say I will do.
  9. As a leader, I create a compelling vision that inspires people to rally around.
  10. As a leader, I take feedback and adapt in response.

This is just a general list to start your reflection. It could motivate you to decide on which ones will you focus on for your development in the upcoming months.

Remember. . .

Research on motivation shows that you will change and grow only if you are willing to try new behaviors. If by going through the leadership checklist you see an area you need to improve on, ask yourself: Am I willing to try something different in order to develop this area?

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