Choose your word for 2018

I was reading an article by Robert V. Taylor in which he encourages people to choose the word "courage" as their word for 2018. I like his idea of choosing a word as a special motto for the year. Brené Brown would agree with his choice of "courage" as a good word. She explains how the root word for courage is cor – which is also the Latin root word for heart. An early meaning of courage was "the capacity to speak about everything on your heart by speaking your mind."

In other words, courageous people speak their minds in a heartfelt way; to be heartfelt about life is to be courageous enough to speak your mind.  

Although I love that word courage, for you there might be another word that resonates best for this year. It might be collaboration, or healthy, or transformation, or any other word that has a special meaning for you and that you want to focus on.

The reason why choosing a word as your focus is kind of magical is because as you think in your heart, you become. If you read, meditate, plan, and take action around your chosen word, you will see yourself making changes and becoming more like your chosen word.

Let's say you choose the word diversity. Will you allow yourself to seek out someone, or even several people, whom you do not know; possibly people you know only as a stereotype? Someone from a different religion or political affiliation; someone whose race or culture is different than yours? Your word could lead you to meet and engage in a heartfelt way and thereby begin to know the person. You will then replaces a stereotype and caricature with a real fellow human being. 

I encourage you to choose a word as your word for 2018. I would love for you to write in the comments what word you chose and why.  Then, notice the subtle shifts in your life. Notice new delight in life and joy in your encounters. Your heartfelt word will open new windows  for you. You will be thinking, speaking and acting with your word as focus.  

Be prepared for your word to lead you into a rich and more textured life!

Happy New Year 2018!!


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