Gratefulness – the simple response of our heart to life in all its fullness – goes beyond boundaries of creed, age, vocation, gender, and nation. Gratitude is a word that is being used a lot this week in the USA and Canada. Today I'm sharing with you the words of Melody Beattie about gratitude. Enjoy!


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. 
It turns what we have into enough, and more. 
It turns denial into acceptance, 
chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home, 
a stranger into a friend.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, 
brings peace for today, and
creates a vision for tomorrow.

~Melody Beattie

Sprinkle the colors of thanksgiving in people's lives by sharing generously words of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Your turn!

What does the word Gratitude means to you? Please share in the comments below.

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