The greatest gift

Do you remember what was the greatest gift you ever got? I remember mine clearly!

Growing up in communist Cuba there were not many choices for gifts, especially at Christmas time. For anything there were long lines, and common fights erupted if people felt there were not enough items for everyone.

I remember one time, when I had just turned 15 years old and was desperately wanting a pair of white shoes. That was all I wanted. But, you see, it was not as simple as it might seem. You could not just walk into a shoe store and get the shoes. You had to wait until stores got a shipment of shoes. Then you had to wait some more while they inventory and decided how many shoes they were going to sell. Then you had to make sure you had not already purchased the one pair of shoes a year you were entitled to buy. So, no, it was not easy. 

Someone told my Mom that a certain store had received shoes, and maybe there were some white shoes in the lot. Between my mother, one of her friends, and one of my friends they were in a long line for 2 days and nights and most of next day until the store finally opened. Fortunately, by the time it was their turn, there were still white shoes on my number available.

The price of the shoes was not high. But knowing the price my mother and friends had paid in long hours of sun, rain, shoving and pushing, I really appreciated those shoes. To me, they were priceless.

Christmas is the time when the world remembers the greatest gift ever given to humankind. Thinking of that, a few years back I wrote this poem I want to share with you:

The Gift

Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D.

This is the place where
everything begins again.
Here you can find the gift
that heaven left in a stable.

Mary and child-76698633_bc3e6c7872_z.jpeg

The first tentative breath
of the Breath of life,
announcing with a wailing
that God is here on earth.

The wordless Word incarnate
the same that formed the world,
is seeking, clutching, tugging,
for Mary’s milk of life.

The Wisdom that gave birth
to seen and unseen life,
the One that nurtured earth,
and keeps all human hearts,

is resting unprotected,
restrained in human form,
prepared for thirst and hunger,
for nail, and thorn, and scorn.

This is the place where
everything begins again.
This is your gift, reach out,
take Life, and Joy, and Love. . .
                             It’s yours!

Reflect. . .

What is the greatest gift you can give to your people, your family, yourself? Many times, the greatest gifts have less to do with money and more to do with giving of yourself: your time, your ear, your interest, your love.


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This is a great Christmas gift for yourself or someone else!