Leading through conversations

Leading through Conversations…

The essential actions leaders take happen almost entirely through conversations.  Conversations are every leader’s business.  They are at the core of what leaders do. Words have power.  You need to master the power of conversations.  

In fact, leadership is really ‘a stream of conversations.’  Think of all the leadership tasks you achieve through conversations.  There’s change conversations, goal-setting and problem-solving conversations, planning and coaching conversations, to name a few – not forgetting those ever-present and often troublesome difficult conversations.

Through conversations, we connect with others, inspire, influence, energize, motivate and set the emotional climate to build positive working relationships.  Conversations are simply too important for leaders to ignore.  The caliber of conversations you have is a telling indicator of team culture, leadership climate and change success, and a key element for the effective functioning of any team.  Ultimately, it’s conversations that determine the performance culture of your workplace.

I have created a basic Infographic with some do's and don'ts. It includes things like:

  • Create a safe space
  • Don't be rude or loud
  • Listen to understand
  • Don't assume
  • Keep it short
  • Don't interrupt

You can have access to this infographic by just filling the form below. You will then have at your fingertips a reminder of what works and what doesn't work for having those effective conversations you often need to have.  

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