PERSEVERE: 9 powerful tips to help you succeed in 2019


The first week of the new year is over already. Most of you have been thinking about things you want to change and develop in the new year, in your personal, relational, and/or business life. I want to share with you 9 very powerful tips to help you have greater success in this new year.

To help your memory, the nine tips form the acronym PERSEVERE. Probably the biggest tip is to repeat consistently what you choose to do, persevering until it has become a new habit, therefore, PERSEVERE to succeed! Here is what each letter stands for:

P-Positive attitude

You create positive results by focusing on strengths that lead to positive action. If you want to be successful, you need to focus on the positive, even if it’s only small things. . .

E-Emotional understanding

Emotions are powerful motivators. You need to know what emotions help and which hinder your objectives. Tying what you want with powerful positive emotions can help you succeed. Positive emotions have been shown to increase energy, fuel productivity, decrease stress, promote connection, and increase well-being in the workplace.


“Repetition is the mother of knowledge” is a Spanish saying I learned early in life. If you keep repeating the behaviors you need to have in place in order to reach your goals, you’ll get there. Repetition matters!

S-Serious commitment to change

Only a 100% commitment to change will work. Don’t settle for less than total success. If you are totally committed to do the change, you will find the way to win. Reaching your objectives for 2019 will be easier if you are ready, willing, and prepared to do changes you need in order to reach your goals.

E-Elaboration of goals

If you just hope that you will do better, feel better, communicate better, or take control of that “nasty” habit better, but have no specific action plan, you will most likely fail at change. Hope without an action plan is fruitless. The more specific you are about your goals, the easier it will be to get there.

V-Vision and Values alignment

The clearer your vision, the easier it will be to implement change and reach objectives. This includes being clear about your values and making sure your vision and your values don’t collide. Values are deeply felt and if you are trying to work with a goal that goes against your values, your internal war will sabotage you.

E-Enthusiastic action

Planning and a vision are important, but above all, what makes change happen is ACTION. You can’t wait for the perfect plan, the perfect vision, or the perfect moment. Take action immediately and you’ll advance. Even if the action is just to decide on the first action and select a specific time to implement it.


In the fast paced world we live we tend to think we do not have time to stop and reflect. I will like to propose that leaders and people in a committed relationships don't have time NOT to reflect! You see, reflection will help you hold the door of your mind open long enough for new perceptions, ideas, and solutions to emerge.


Take time to find out what helps you succeed and what hinders you. One of the challenges of evaluation is to be realistic, yet optimistic. It’s easy to look only to what is not working, and then become discouraged. You also need to notice what works in order to do more of it. Also, you need to measure progress by how far have you advanced, not only by how far you are from reaching your goal.

Remember. . .

If you have a clear plan and PERSEVERE in the implementation of your plan until it has become a new habit, you will have phenomenal success this year!

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