How to turn turmoil into opportunity for change

How to turn turmoil into opportunity for change

"Transformation is the only way to get to innovation."

In a dampened economy full of uncertainties and turmoil, innovation is very much present in executives minds. But here is the problem. In the face of uncertainty and complex challenges people tend to feel stuck and overwhelmed. As a result, they hunker down to the familiar, and they resist transformation, which is the only way to turn turmoil into opportunity.  

In Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life, Alan Deutschman cites research into change-or-die scenarios. Patients facing bypass surgery and other diseases that can be mitigated my lifestyle changes. Even when faced with the reality that they must change or die, 90% don’t alter their behavior. They choose death over transformation. People in business are not much different. Trying to get a person, much less an organization, to transform is very difficult.

Nevertheless, let’s focus on that 10% that chooses transformation. How do they do it? They. . .

  • find fellowship that inspires them.
  • reframe disaster as possibility.
  • redefine the assumptions that up to then had guided their actions.
  • use the disturbance in their life as an opportunity to spur their creative thinking and dream up a different future.
  • experiment and learn from the surprises of what works and what doesn’t.
  • design a process and cultivate a nutrient environment that supports it.
  • practice and sustain the effort of doing something different by dancing between periodic leaps and incremental shifts.

Most importantly, overall, they don’t do it alone.

As a leader, you need to shift your models. Instead of operating out of fear and a “fortress mentality,” you must embrace the increasing complexity in our world as an opportunity to create new ideas, new products and services, and new solutions. Transformation will lead you to innovation. Next week we will share how you can open spaces where creativity and opportunity can thrive, and where innovation happens as a result.

Remember. . .

Learn how to lead to transformation and turn turmoil into opportunity!!

The most important bit of advice coming out of the research results was to get support, to not do it alone. That can’t be emphasized enough. There’s no need to spend your precious time and energy reinventing the wheel, not when others have already marked the way.

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