How to Calm Yourself

How to Calm Yourself

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Dr. Ada teaches you how to be the boss of your brain.

You can't control circumstances or other people. But in this booklet and audio guided meditations you will learn how to control your emotions and reactions in any circumstance. Of course, to be able to do this, you will need to practice what is shared here on a regular basis.

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When you are in constant stress or experience a crisis of any kind, you can become overwhelmed. Your brain gets overloaded with stress chemicals, which inhibits your capacity to think clearly and to cope. You get flooded with all kinds of negative feelings and seem to be drowning. Shock, grief, anger and despair seem to take over and you can’t experience hope or strength.

Dr. Ada teaches how to create dramatic and lasting stress reduction for executives and their organizations. This is accomplished with a neuroscience-based process that neutralizes specific stress reactions in about 10 minutes, resulting in immediate increases in mental and emotional clarity, physical relaxation, and openness to possibilities. Outcomes include improved team communication and relationships, more innovation, greater job satisfaction and less turnover.  

In this booklet Dr. Ada Gonzalez covers a few different ways of reducing stress and resetting your emotional brain. It includes two guided meditations to make the process simpler for you. Practice this daily and you will notice a reduction of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. You will experience the satisfaction of being able to control and dissolve your reactions and will feel more in control of yourself.