This is your Change Styles Checklist. All you have to do is place a check mark by all the bullets (in any of the quadrants) that apply to you. You will probably have some checkmarks all around. But don’t let that confuse you. The 1 or 2 styles where you have the most check marks, are your natural, easier way to approach change and be successful.

Other bullets you checked show ways you have learned to adapt and make change for yourself. But going with your natural change style will make it easier for you to plan how your are going to reach your goals and to be successful at change and transformation without having to work too hard at it.

The idea is to craft your objectives and plans in the most natural way possible. You will be amazed how much easier change becomes when you are not trying to fit a pattern that really doesn't fit you!

4 Change Styles-1 page.jpg

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