Successful organizational development involves openness, trust, and understanding.   Leaders can increase their ability to think, talk, and work better together. They can then create better connections, positive relationships, and new levels of trust, which will result in improved performance.

Studies suggest that efforts to increase employee participation, create new cultures, and develop leaders tend to be superficial and have little sustainable results. Together we can design and implement organizational initiatives that produce significant sustainable change.

Benefits for your business

Your business environment and culture will change for the better. You will be able to:

  • Align business operations with business strategy to ensure agility and performance.
  • Negotiate more favorable outcome for internal and external ventures.
  • Conduct more effective meetings with actionable results.
  • Step outside adversarial roles and see the organization as a unified team
  • Interact more comfortably and appropriately with international colleagues
  • Increase productivity and revenue.
  • Have more collaboration through the organization
  • Create teams that work better together and do more.
  • Design the best future for your organization and develop the leadership necessary for implementing it.
  • See the organization as a network of conversations, giving immediate clarity and access to performance and results.

If you run a business and want to be more effective and efficient in your communication and leadership, let's schedule a needs discovery conversation to better understand your needs.

Most change initiatives—installing new technology, downsizing, restructuring, moving to a new campus, or trying to change corporate culture—have had low success rates. The brutal fact is that research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Transformative change leads to new ways of thinking and new behaviors. It's major in scope. After the change has happened, you will have more than a large improvement, you'll have a different organization, a cultural change, a transformation.

There are proven ways to make change easier. Working together with engaged key players, critical systems are identified, and the best way to initiate and sustain change is agreed upon. Our system is based on engaging people in learning how to dialogue and collaborate with others in ways that foster understanding and lead to action. We especially make sure the human factor of styles of change and emotions is taken into account. Thus, we generate awareness, action, and sustainable change. Learn more about how you can succeed in the implementation of sustainable transformative change.


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It is reported that workplace conflict costs businesses $359 billion in paid hours in the US alone. Neutral facilitation can take you from distructive conflict to constructive conflict.  We help individuals or groups reach their own generative solutions by building awareness, collaboration, and consensus. Learn more about how you can transform problems and conflict into agreements and collaboration by building trust through open dialogue.

I provide reliable assessment solutions for HR and OD, as well as for executive coaching and leadership development. I'm qualified to administer and interpret the following assessment instruments:

  • Brain PathWays® assessment to better understand your preferred ways of learning and processing information. Includes a Leadership program on The Practical Neuroscience of Leadership.
  • The full scope of IPAT psychological assessment tools and interpretive reports based on their 16PF® Questionnaire
  • MBTI® --Mayer-Bricks Temperament Inventory
  • Strong Profile, Standard and Leadership Editions 

The assessments are proven contributors to better decisions about people - from screening and selecting for employment to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an executive for personal and professional growth. It can also include a measure of Emotional Intelligence, so necessary for the leader of the 21st century. Learn more about how I can help you assess and understand teams interactions and personal development needs