The top complaint from business leaders is that valuable time and resources are lost trying to resolve misunderstandings, conflicts, and low productivity.  If I’m right, you’re here because of similar challenges.  

Similarly, the main complaint I hear from couples is that they don’t communicate well, and there is conflict and negative that is hard to overcome.

Connection among people happens through conversations. Open dialogue engages the often-forgotten power of conversation to address challenges and transform relationships.

As a conversation strategist I can guarantee you that If you want to be more effective, have more influence, and have stronger connections, transformative conversations are your best and quickest way to remove obstacles, facilitate engagement, increase productivity, and allow for change. 

The type of conversations we encourage are based on principles of dialogue.  Dialogue comes from the Greek root dia meaning across or through, and logos which means word or study. The picture or image that this derivation suggests is a stream of meaning flowing among, through, and between us.