Have you ever attended a meeting that went on and on—and nothing was accomplished? Were people bored, sleepy, or doing their own thing? Worse yet, have you ever lead such a meeting and left feeling inadequate and frustrated?

If so, you’re probably wondering, what's the secret to highly productive and engaging meetings.

With statistics as high as 1/3 of all meetings being unproductive, the cost to the bottom line is substantial (upwards of $37 Billion per year). Why does this matter? Because we still need meetings! Meetings are the way that teams of people collaborate to make decisions, create plans and solve problems. This is only possible if those meetings are effective.

In this highly practical guide you will discover:

  • The big secret for better meetings

  • How to craft a productive meeting

  • How to start in a way that encourages collaboration

  • How to welcome open dialogue

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