How do you listen and drive engagement with your clients? How do you encourage speaking up? In what ways can you as a leader apply your talents to nurture the creation of the next generation of leaders? How can you reveal your inner thoughts and feelings with transparency? Where can you talk about what is bothering you and what you aspire to create and know you will be understood? Would you like to partner with others in being open to sharing and discovering your fears and aspirations, your challenges and wins? 

Mastermind Coaching Conversations is the way to connect and develop as professional leaders of the new millennium. You will learn to see differently – to listen differently – and to process what you perceive differently. When you do that, you will be able to act in the moment in ways that create, activate, and help guide energy toward productive and powerful ends. By participating in this Mastermind group you will gain tools for learning from the past and creating the future, instead of being reactive. 

Think of this group as a gathering of minds. This is a professionally facilitated small group for working on yourself and your business. The goal of the group is to dig deep into challenging and important issues by tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of the group. You will help each other improve your business, your leadership, and your life. The meeting’s interactive style acts as catalyst for inmediate results, and long-term development of your leadership.

 Benefits for you include an opportunity to:

  • Explore leadership challenges and solutions.

  • Gain perspective.

  • Expand communication skills.

  • Decide on best plan of action for fostering leadership development.

  • Able to respond quickly to strategic shifts.

  • Learn how to facilitate effective meetings that are productive and that promote engagement.

  • Ensure progress and accountability.

  • Find a safe space where there is mutual trust and you can together solve problems, evaluate opportunities, learn new communication strategies, and work on strategic and operational issues.

My world-class facilitation skills understanding of how the brain works, and experience makes a big difference in the group. The group will meet twice a month and I will lead a process where the group will not simply answer questions, but also open a safe space where the core of an issue is exposed, clarified, and a forward path is chartered. This will be a space to share your views and challenges without fear of judgement. Where you can speak out and have your opinions valued.  

Neuroscience is teaching us that by stepping into one another’s shoes and listening without judgment, you trigger the prefrontal cortex (the executive brain) to access higher-level capacities. You can then easily handle gaps between reality and aspirations; access new thinking; and move into creative thinking together thus creating new possibilities. You become more candid and caring and speak truth in trust, without triggering fear, creating space for success. Without this part of the brain activated, you tend to fall back into narrow thinking and to fight for your vested point of view.  

By participating in the Leadership Conversations Mastermind you will experience breakthroughs as you stay open to the possibility that you might discover ideas you have never thought of before. As you create a bonding experience with your peers, you will start to open up new conversations about “what ifs.” You will imagine new things that you might not have imagined alone. You will be more open to higher risk taking and openness. This kind of conversations open a space in your mind where you are free to connect with others in new ways. Positioning, politicking, interpretation, drama, and negative storytelling give way to a sense of shared success and bonding that shapes new relationships, enriching your leadership.

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