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Dr. Alva is a gastroenterologist that has a private medical practice in Chicago's Western Suburbs. He has a superb reputation for the quality of his care, especially among the hispanic population.  Dr. Alva wanted to improve business communication with his office staff and further develop his leadership skills. After one year of executive coaching, this are the results he has experienced:

“By working with Dr. Ada the communication between me, my staff, my patients, and even my family, has improved dramatically. As a result, our processes are more efficient and streamlined, my patient base has increased 30% without expanding office hours, and I have less stress and better quality of life.”

Manuel Alva MD

Executive Coaching

Kelly, a manager with KPMG, was so focused on work that it had become her life. She new she needed to make changes in order to take better care of her health and her social life.  After working together for 8 months this is what she said:

"Working with Dr. Ada has helped me get my life back. I learned how to become more efficient at work, and to delegate more in order to reclaim my personal time. I was able to gain clarity, clearly "see" my vision, develop a realistic action plan, and stick to my my goals and program.  I now feel healthier, my emotions are under control, I have less stress, and my relationships have improved immensely. As a result, our team's productivity has increased at least 35%. We don't lose time with unnecessary conflicts anymore, and my team feels more challenged as I have delegated more responsibility to them." 

Kelly Rosser,  KPMG Manager

When Mrs. Ericson started working with me she was an IT BI Solution Delivery Manager at HP/GO in Houston, Texas. This are her comments:

“Before I started working with Dr. Ada the stress of my job was giving me daily headaches. I felt overwhelmed and quickly got upset or angry. My relationship with my team were strained and mostly negative. By working with Dr. Ada I was able to learn how to reduce my stress level. With her support I successfully learned to deal with difficult tasks and was able to make a major career/life change, shifting to working from home on my own business, with minimum stress and no headaches.”
--Linda EricksonIT BI Solution Delivery Manager

Too much stress

When I met Peter, he had just came out of a painful relationship breakup. He also had a highly stressful job and felt he was very close to a breakdown. His job performance was suffering, and he had forgotten what joy felt like. This is how Peter experienced coaching:

"Learning to take back control of my life by controlling the way I think and react has made a huge difference for me. I was looking at myself as a failure and feeling like one. My stress levels were getting out of control. I found myself getting angry easily, and blaming everybody and everything for the way I felt. By becoming crystal clear on what I needed to change and how to do it, and by feeling supported in the process, I can now smile again and feel empowered to be more successful in my work and in my life."
--Peter (He prefers to remain anonymous)
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                                                         Work with Teams

Executive Team Coaching

When I first met Marel-Stork Poultry Processing's leadership team at their Gainsville GA plant, they were transitioning from a very hierarchical structure to a more horizontal one, and navigating a merger. I was asked to provide training and coaching in dialogue and communication to the top management team. Here is how one of the members of the team expressed what they gained.

"Working with Dr. Ada has helped our team become more aware of our personal communication styles and, as a result, begin to have clearer communications. Our goal in continuing to work with her is to help our team members interact more effectively, cutting down on non-productive dialogue and bridging differences in culture, background and personalities to become more focused on goals and objectives. Asking more questions helps to improve our understanding of business needs resulting in quicker decisions. Slowing down and being more reflective results in more efficient outcomes. We have already seen some of these results within our management team and our hope is that, with time and the expansion of the training to additional team members, our operations will run more smoothly. Having a more open dialogue is invaluable as we unify different aspects of the organization and work with international teams." 

David Wilson, Senior Vice President

Poultry Industry Center                                                                                       Marel Stork Poultry Processing Inc.