Applying neuroscience to leadership: How to lead with your whole brain

Applying neuroscience to leadership begins with an understanding of self. It includes an understanding of how the brain works--your brain and other's brains. After all, Leadership involves interaction with brains. Understanding, leveraging, and welcoming the diversity of people's minds is critical to your success as a leader. 

Is your smartphone smart for your leadership?

ust how much does technology interferes with your leadership? Today’s smartphones enables you to constantly be in contact with the office and access the Internet or the cloud for needed information on the fly. That's good, right?

"It depends" is the answer.

Constant contact and easy access can often overwhelm the positives and make these devices harmful to the leaders’ businesses life and personal life. Today I'm going to share how constant contact can be harmful and then offer some tips on how to use your smartphone smartly.