Dialogue is a special kind of conversation that permits and invites change. It’s impossible to engage in it and come out the same. Effective dialogue transforms because it's dynamic and interactive. Because of its inclusive nature, It creates deeper understanding and meaning. 

A transformative conversation allows you to see the world in new ways and to make better sense of it. It helps to shape the present and future reality through the connection and collaboration of minds. It can lead to unprecedented transformation for you, your partner, and your business.

Transformative conversations will help you:

  • Create a culture of open communication.

  • Conduct effective meetings with actionable results.

  • Implement and facilitating change effectively.

  • Interact better with international colleagues.

  • Create the future instead of reacting to what happens.

  • Have more collaboration through the organization.

  • Increasing productivity and revenue.

  • Connect with colleagues, direct reports, and customers, increasing your influence.

About Dialogue

Dialogue is a cycle of conversation that permits change. A discovery process that allows for new ways to understand and make sense. It can lead to higher-quality collective thinking and real transformation. Dialogue comes from the Greek roots dia meaning across or through, and logos meaning word or study. The picture or image that this suggests is a stream of meaning flowing among, through, and between us.

When we engage in Dialogue we let meaning rise from the group. You can learn to reflect and talk together, even in the heat of challenging moments. You look for the hidden meanings, assumptions, values, traps, voices, and forces of the interactions.

When you are in dialogue, you engage your whole being in an active living relationship with others that is full of possibilities for newness, meaning-making, and understanding. Dialogue requires a commitment to speaking and listening more deliberately. This allows for deeper understanding to emerge and encourages a sense of shared meaning.

Dialogue that elicits change is powerful. Who you are, what you do, and the way you present yourself in dialogue leads to success or failure. But, there’s more at play. The elements needed for successful dialogue include: mutuality, listening, respect, suspension of judgment, trust, confidentiality, and a positive relationship. Think of dialogue as a protective container where intense emotions can safely emerge. Creative transformation takes place in this container.

When we engage in dialogue, meaning emanates from the group. Our whole being participates in an active relationship with others. Out of this emerges a possibility for newness, meaning making, and understanding. People can learn to reflect and talk together, even in the heat of challenging moments. Through this living experience of inquiry, they can explore hidden meanings, assumptions, values, and traps. It’s an open-ended, dynamic process that promotes a stronger understanding of relationships.

Talk may be cheap but genuine dialogue is priceless.
— Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D.

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