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Who is Dr. Ada Gonzalez?

Dr. Ada Gonzalez is an expert conversation strategist. As an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant she works with leaders and organizations to facilitate transformation through dialogue. She shows business leaders how to build trust, understanding, and engagement through the often forgotten power of effective conversations. 

Dr. Gonzalez education is very interdisciplinary. Her undergraduate and graduate work at Andrews University, MI gave her an MA in Educational and Developmental Psychology.  Her Ph.D. is from the Union Institute and University in Ohio. Her degree is Interdisciplinary Studies in Organizational Behavior, with an emphasis on leadership, dialogue, and change.


Listen below to a Radio interview with Muriel Donnelly about Transformative Conversations.


Listen to a clip from a presentation by Dr. Ada Gonzalez

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This powerful presentation will show you how great leaders build trust and influence for amazing results.

  • How leading through conversations can help you have more influence, reduce conflicts, and engage your team for success.

  • The top 5 communication mistakes leaders are making that is causing them money.

  • Why you need to stop 80% of your meetings because they are a waste of time and how to have effective meetings.

  • The conversation formula you need to trans-form the culture of your workplace.

  • What are the main elements of dialogue.

  • How to create a safe space for transformative conversations to happen.

Applying neuroscience to leadership begins with an understanding of how the brain works--your brain and other's brains. After all, Leadership involves interaction with brains! 

This up-to-date presentation will show you how good leaders easily get  things done by using their whole brains to inspire, persuade, and connect.    

  • How to create productive relationships and environments for yourself and others.

  • How to keep people feeling safe and motivated.

  • How to use individual knowledge and brain strengths for the good of all.

  • How to increase engagement.

  • How to achieve performance excellence by capitalizing on the strengths of your brain and the strengths of the brain of others.

“Ada Gonzalez has hit on a topic that everyone in corporations are talking about today! How do you balance the amount of listening and asserting occurring between people at work to ignite engagement and commitment to accomplish business priorities? This presentation provides instructions on both. I highly recommend this practical, yet well-researched presentation that will help every leader focus on the kind of communication that matters and builds stronger, more influential relationships over time—virtually or face-to-face.”

–Barbara Singer Cheng, CEO Executive Core

“In an age of 30-second soundbites, hi-tech addictions to electronics, plus rant and raving rapid-fire talk shows, Dr. Ada has called us to a higher level of genuine dialogue that creates meaningful communication; not just mere contact between persons and groups. Her principles and practical suggestions will work for any context including marriage, church, local school board, grocery check-out clerk or the corner mom and pop business. Her enthusiastic, engaging, and clear delivery makes it a pleasure to listen.”

–Dr. Charles Wm. Brown, Maryville, TN