Transformative  Conversations for Women

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You thought reaching your next milestone would make you happy. Instead, you are struggling with stress and negativity. You feel drained instead of fully alive. Transformative Conversations for Women will take you in a journey to transition from stress, worry, and negativity and instead RESET your brain for a heart-coherent life full of happiness, purpose, and freedom to thrive.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, stop spinning your wheels, and start living your dream, you are in the right place. Having the right mindset and attitude is the foundation for a happy and successful life.


Let your heart flourish by learning to live a Thriving life. stop spinning your wheels, and start living your dreams.


 From Surviving to Thriving

What is thriving?

You might wonder why I have chosen to help you thrive instead of talking about the ever popular "happy." The ability to thrive is defined as the ability for a person to grow as a human being through good times and through life struggles. It is a very individual journey of living as experienced and valued by the individual.

Every person's journey is different. How you get there is connected by the recognition that happiness and thriving are connected to elements such as finding individual meaning through relationships, courage, leisure time, what you love to do in life, building creativity, love, and connections.

Thriving is the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic and purpose driven life. A life that brings inner joy and happiness. You thrive when you let yourself savor each moment. Your life thrives through meeting goals, being connected with life passions, finding the rest that renews, and relishing accomplishments while you travel through the peaks and valleys of life.

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THrive Conversations®. 

An introductory series of 6 practical coaching conversations (one per week) that will teach you how to recover from constant stress and negative habits of being and instead become more authentic and connected. Find your path to thrive and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Each conversation can stand alone, or, by weaving all of them together show you the highlights of a full journey to THRIVE. They are: T-Timefullness, H-Holistic wellbeing, R-Refocus I-Inner Wisdom, V-Visualization E-Energy. The THRIVE series is also offered in Retreat format. Stay tuned since we are planning to reveal soon a Monthly Online Membership Master Mind Group: THRIVE Conversations

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RESET your brain for success®: 5 life-changing strategies for transformation.

Brain scan studies have PROVEN you can RESET and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control your conscious AND subconscious...and every personal and business decision you make. This requires applying your whole brain–training methodologies, technologies AND feelings– in the right way... Discover how you can replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck. This is a 1 day LIVE VIP program. It can be in person or virtual. It could also become the introduction to a 6 month individual coaching program.

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Flourishing heart: From surviving to thriving®

Are you Tired? Bored? Lonely? Just surviving? I invite you to . . .

A six months transformational journey for women like you who want to transition from stress, worry, and negativity and instead RESET your brain for a heart-coherent life full of happiness, purpose, and freedom to thrive. This journey is a deeper dive into THRIVE. It will give you the support and practices to be able to travel successfully the whole journey you started in the introductory THRIVE series. This can be an individual coaching journey, or a group coaching journey that is offered twice a year.

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Latina leaders hablan®

A leadership conversation design by a Latina for Latinas that speak “Spanglish” and want support for developing authentic Latina leadership. It’s especially designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders in organizations who might not have role models and mentors close by. It is a virtual Coaching Conversations Mastermind Program offered several times a year.


“Stop spinning your wheels, and start living your dream.”

Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D |  CEO Transformative Conversations

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