I value what others have to say about the book Transformative Conversations: The heart of the leadership journey. Here below is a sampler of comments. You can also read testimonials about the results executives and business owners experience working with Dr. Ada. 

“The book Transformative Conversations is a superb resource to any leader, or coach, who is working to improve their leadership. This is far from the first book written that deals with the dynamics of dialogue and effective communication. What is special about this book is the way Ada weaves wisdom from many sources into a useful flow that informs the reader about not only why this is a valuable subject, it gives clear guidance on how to pull it off. Personally, the part on Silence itself was worth the read. If you want wisdom combined with practical processes to use to create more fruitful dialogue, pick up a copy of this book.”

— Frank Wagner, Ph.D. Founder member, The Marshall Goldsmith Group

“Transformative Conversations” speaks volumes to every leader I’ve ever been involved with. Dr. Ada Gonzalez provides practical tools and guidance to transform your communications by helping you create deeper understanding and meaning. She identifies over a dozen common barriers to effective conversations and shows us how to break through each one of them. The text is full of effective illustrations, stories, examples, helpful exercises and even prescriptive guidance on specifically what to say to facilitate participation, collaboration, dialogue and handle certain difficult situations. As she so aptly states, “talk may be cheap but genuine dialogue is priceless.”

–Patrick J. McKenna, Advisor to the leaders of premier professional service firms and co-author of international bestseller, First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals

After only reading the first 25 pages of this book I had the feeling that my life, my leadership style and my coaching had been transformed for the better; when I completed the book I knew this to be an absolute truth.

This simple, fast read, yet powerful book is filled with sage “dialogue” and pearls of wisdom. Dr. Gonzalez writes, “It’s easy to understand how we miss a lot in our quest to make sure we never miss anything.” This is a must read for all leaders and those who aspire to be great leaders.

We at the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches feel fortunate to have Dr. Ada Gonzalez as one of our prolific members, whose new contribution to the area of leadership will undoubtedly make a difference throughout the leadership of an organization.

–CB Bowman, President and CEO; MBA, CMC, MCEC Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC)