Transforming Relationships

Transform your relationship. Rekindle your connection and love life!

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You don't just fall out of love. You forget to make your relationship a priority. You stop having fun and nurturing love and intimacy. Your relationship becomes boring and conflictive. Over time, a chasm opens and constant negativity makes life miserable. Transformative Conversations helps struggling couples go from negativity and conflicts to a happy and connected relationship. I invite you to leave your fears and doubts behind and to look forward to actively reclaim a more positive future. Old wounds can be healed, and trust and intimacy can be re-established.

Is your relationship broken? Have you lost that loving feeling? At wits ends on what to do to stop negativity?  Do you look over at your spouse and wonder where the excitement and love went? You deserve better!


It's really hard to admit you need help. . . whether it's just for you, or for you and your partner.  You're sensing something is wrong, and are actively seeking help and guidance. That's the first step! I invite you to leave your fears and doubts behind and to look forward to actively reclaim a more positive future. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Ada Gonzalez is on a mission to eradicate Negativity and conflict from relationships, and bring back the spark of connection and intimacy! 

If you want to have a different relationship, you can transform the one you have.
— Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D.
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Old wounds can be healed, and trust and intimacy can be re-established.  You can become a better person, a better partner, a better parent, a better friend. You just need to face the truth and know where to start. I can help you reconnect and rekindle your love so you can have the extraordinary intimate relationship you always wanted Start by clicking on the button above (Listen to this free webinar) to learn more. 

Relationship Programs

TRANSFORMATIVE Conversations coaching LEADS TO NEW WAYS OF INTERACTING, THINKING AND  BEHAVING. This results in connection and happiness.

Our programs can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that relationships bring


Many times relationships are difficult to understand, manage, and enjoy.  

  • Do you feel that those you love the most are the same ones you hurt the most?  Learn how to communicate in a positive and effective way, even about negative issues.

  • Are you tired of responding to problems with quick reactive fixes?  Feel the energy created by really getting to the bottom of issues and finding creative ways to achieve positive changes.

  • Do you look over at your spouse and wonder where the excitement and wonder went? Rediscover the power of commitment, communication, connection, and playfulness for more intimacy, love, peace, and joy in your relationship and life.

You can enjoy an amazing relationship through transformative conversations that promote a positive, strengths based approach.



You can have the relationship you want and deserve. Choose one of the coaching programs. For each of them I offer a virtual group option 2 or 3 times a year. A more expensive version of the same programs exclusively for private couples sessions is also available. On this version you have direct access to Dr. Ada’s coaching for every session. See which one is the best fit for you. Or explore all of them!



Relationship Intensives are for couples who want to spend a concentrated time working on their relationships. Some are for couples that need urgent help to address especially difficult situations.

Other programs more an enrichment option for couples that don’t have big issues, but feel they need to strengthen their connection and refresh they love. These are more exclusive in some especially romantic location.



My Coaching Conversations one-on-one high end signature program creates the structure and the support that gives you the space to explore what is really going on inside you and your relationship. It's totally individualized to your needs.

Sessions give you direct access to me and are conducted in person, or through electronic mediums based on your preference and your location.

Through dialogue we learn how to connect our hearts.
— Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D.
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