You can have the relationship you want and deserve. 

Choose one of the coaching programs offered below. For each of them I offer a virtual group option two or three times a year. A more expensive version of the same programs exclusively for individual couples is also available. On the one-on-one version you have direct access to Dr. Ada for every session. See which one is the best fit for you. Or explore all of them!

What do you want in your relationship?

When I ask this questions, couples often answer:

"I want us to be able to communicate better, with open hearts that lead to understanding."

"I want to feel connected to my partner."

"I want to be able to trust and be trusted."

"I want to feel more love, passion, and happiness."

"I want to stop hurting."

"I want to have less conflicts."

"I want to have more affection in our relationship and enjoy a good sex life."

What do YOU want in your relationship? Relationship Coaching can help you get there!

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Effective Communication Program

Transform your relationship by learning better ways to communicate and you will rekindle your love and connection.

Is this you?

  • When you are not bickering, do you talk only about logistics or the children?

  • Are you both so critical of each other that you are questioning what has happened to the passion and connection you used to share? 

  • Are the issues with communication in your relationship threatening to destroy your bond of love?  

A better way to connect

The most common complaint I hear from couples is some variation of "we have communication issues." If this is true for you, here is your opportunity to learn a better way to solve issues and connect with each other again. You can start by asking for my Guidelines for Effective Communication, by clicking the button below.

This program is for committed couples who want to leave conflict and drama behind and transform their relationship by improving communication, creating understanding, and eliciting positive emotions that will rekindle their love and connection.

This program is offered as a group coaching program several times a year. The groups are kept small to have more opportunity for interaction on the Q and A live session. There is also a more individualized version where the couple can add weekly interaction with Dr. Ada.

Fixing communication issues is usually the first step needed for couples to turn their relationship around and develop an extraordinarily happy love life.


The 3’Cs—Commitment, Communication, & Connection—An Intimacy Program for couples who want to leave conflict and anger behind and embrace understanding, positive emotions, and a passionate heart connection.  

Is this you?

  • Are you in a constant power struggle with your partner—arguing more than connecting?  

  • Has your sex life stalled? Is sex a distant memory?

  • Do you look over at your spouse and wonder where the excitement and deep love went? 

The 3C's Intimacy Program is for couples that want to recapture or develop connected, healthy, and happy relationships from the privacy of their home.

Having the right mindset and attitude is the foundation of any happy relationship.

Most comprehensive program

This is a 6 months long program. It is for you for you if you want to take responsibility for your actions, and are committed to do your best to get along and be happy. It’s also for you if are currently so busy that you hardly talk to each other, or take time for fun and sex anymore.

This program is for you if your relationship has morphed into something that feels like on the best days you are living with a roommate that is practically a stranger and on the worst days as if you are living with the enemy!

You will learn the basic knowledge and practical skills that can help you rewrite your love story.

Through recorded audio, written content, and coaching questions I help you create new ways of thinking,  talking and behaving. Instead of negativity and arguments you will learn how to focus your energy and intention to go from conflict to creating positive heart-connection and intimacy. You will then be able to have an extraordinary and happy love life that will last forever.


Private Transformative Conversations

Do you ever feel like this?

  • Our life is so busy we don’t spent time together.

  • Some times I feel I’m with a stranger whom I don’t know anymore.

  • I miss the conversations we used to share.

  • I don't feel we are truly connected

  • I can’t remember the last time we had passionate sex.

  • We are drifting apart and we don't have fun anymore.

  • I don't know how to create the relationship of my dreams.

  • I have internal misgivings about the health of my relationship.

The Couples Conversations program is a one-on-one high end signature program creating the structure and the support that gives you the space to explore what is really going on inside you and your relationship. It's totally individualized to your needs. Whether it’s the way you are interacting, the communication patterns you use, the longing for a deeper connection, the lack of trust due to infidelity in all it’s variations, or a desire to re-ignite faded passion – exploring these areas (and more) will open windows to a life and a relationship of rich connection, joy, and purpose. 

You can develop happy relationships. Through identifying patterns of handling conflict, learning communication skills, and creating strategies for change, your relationships can improve at work, with a partner, with children, and/or with family members. Couples and Individuals can benefit from this relationship work. 

As a couple, I can help you strengthen the relationship and recapture the fun, love, and passion you once had. Healing relational wounds and learning to find your strengths helps re-establish the intimacy and team-work both want.

The Coaching Conversations program require a minimum of 3-6 months commitment and starts with a 1/2 day intensive exploration. Sessions give you direct access to me and are conducted in person, or through electronic mediums based on your preference and your location. Then we will set up a regular schedule for once-a-week subsequent sessions. Between-session you will have access to me via email. If communication is an issue, you also get access to the Effective Communication Program

To make sure this is for you, Schedule in MY CALENDAR a complimentary conversation to explore whether the Coaching Conversations one-on-one high end signature program is the right "next step" for you. No pressure, no obligation, just a few moments of information and exploration to explore together what is your situation and in which areas you need support to do better. 


Conversations About Marriage: Get a Jump Start to a Happy Marriage

This is for couples that are planning to marry in the near future. There are two modalities: Couples getting married for the first time, and couples who have had a previous committed relationship and are now creating a blended family. 

In eight modules we will cover basic relationship skills that will help you create an extraordinary heart-connected love life, a positive advantage for a happy marriage. 

For more information, Schedule in my calendar a complimentary conversation to explore whether this is the right "next step" for you. No pressure, no obligation, just a few moments of information, exploration and support to decide for yourself.