A place to find my own and other recommended (and some times affiliate) resources. It can include books, research, papers, blogs, or articles.  For some you will have to make an investment. Others are totally free.

Dr. Ada's free resources for leaders 

Say Goodbye to Unproductive Meetings!  7 Secrets for Highly Effective Meetings. 

Leading Through Conversations

The Human Factor in the Change Equation

Why Change is Difficult and How to Get Unstuck

Applying Neuroscience to Leadership: How to lead with your whole brain.

Conversations Newsletter

Transformative Conversations book review at The Conference Board

Dr. Ada's free resources for couples

8 Quick Tips to Keep Your Marriage Healthy for the Long-Term

Fun Checklist: What Color is Your Relationship?

Webinar: Reclaim Intimacy! 5 Incredible Secrets to Reignite your Love Life

Conversations Newsletter

Communication Guidelines

Books I have read, like, and recommend. (coming soon. . .)