Attention Executive Leaders:

You are about to discover why the Leading through conversations 6 months intensive program is your quickest way to remove obstacles, facilitate engagement, and increase productivity  

Facilitating a dialogue circle and mixing the right "chemical brain cocktail" helps you harness the power of Transformative Conversations® to keep clarity of mind in difficult situations and create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and connection.

Instead of using conversations to create trust and healthy connections, many leaders fall into negative patterns. 

  • Are you tired of spending valuable time fixing misunderstandings and conflicts?

  • Do you find yourself talking past others, or butting heads?

  • Are your meetings ineffective and don't lead to action?

  • Have your change efforts bogged down or have failed?

You can douse the fires of conflict, increase engagement, connection and collaboration.  Learning to lead through conversations that bring outstanding results will increase your influence and reach.

Leading through Conversations is an interactive and practical program that helps senior executives learn how to engage in effective dialogue with their team and employees so they can stop leaving money on the table, loosing valued employees, and wasting their most precious resource: time.

In the new business environment, results are not achieved through command, authority and control. Instead, an entirely new approach to leadership is required. Today your leadership needs to be grounded in strong relationships, conscious influence, keen perception, comfort with risk taking, and facilitation of conversations. All of these become easier if you understand how to control the chemical cocktails brains mix while in conversation and how the heart can help or hinder.

The Leading Through Conversations intensive program effectively helps you and your organization work together and accelerate results in the face of emerging business challenges--with the help of the perfect brain cocktail!

No matter if you are . . .

  • A new executive just moved to a senior position;

  • A seasoned senior leader faced with new challenges; or

  • A leader of a team mired in perpetual conflicts which affects their performance,

the risks you face in forging new relationships, dealing with conflict and change, and finding ways to have more influence are extraordinary opportunities for personal growth. 

Your personal challenges coupled with the rapid pace of shifts in the global landscape makes it imperative for you to choose Leading Through Conversations as part of your development process.

I know you are tired of struggling and want to achieve top success in the shortest time possible. You have tried on your own to turn the tide of problems and misunderstandings but are tired of seeing your initiatives failing time and again. You feel drained and stressed instead of energized by challenges and results.

What if you could have the methodologies and frameworks that allowed you to move from conversations that miss the mark to Transformative Conversations® that trigger growth, innovation and new insights in your organization? Leading Through Conversations offers a powerful process to

  • accelerate learning,

  • draw a map for navigating the landmines of relationships, and

  • provide an opportunity to hone your skills for more effective results in conversations.

What are some of the skills that executives need today?

A recent study by the Stanford Business School found that nearly 43% of senior decision makers ranked handling conflict as the highest area in which they need the most personal development. Another recent 2015 study by the American Management Association,"Business Skills That Set High-Performing Organizations Apart,”  details the skill sets necessary for C-level executives to raise the bar on company performance. Here is the list:

  • Conflict management,

  • Influencing others,

  • critical thinking,

  • problem solving,

  • decision making,

  • execution, and

  • coaching.

If you think about it, all of these skills involve people and communication. Successful senior leadership requires astuteness about others: their emotional and strategic personal drivers; their self-interest, overt and covert. These relationship competencies rest on a foundation of self-knowledge, self-awareness. You can’t know the truth about another without knowing it about yourself. It also requires a higher level of communication effectiveness.

Leading Through Conversations is a practical intensive program for senior executives (eg. Executive team leaders, CEO's, VIP's division leaders, leaders of change, or small business owners) who are tired of losing money due to unproductive meetings, conflicts, misunderstandings, lack of motivation, and low engagement and productivity. This is for you if you want to increase your mastery of communication tools, your influence,  and to foster more productive dialogue in meetings and other interactions. It's Intended to develop dialogue skills. 

It will help you achieve peak performance and gain more influence inside and outside the organization. Learn to lead using the skills that the 21 century and a global economy demand. 

Show up-growup.png

If you are ready to show up, own up, and grow up you are in the right place!

Here are some of the results you can expect by participating in the program:

  • Make your meetings more productive and meaningful, dealing with the real issues.

  • Keep discussions on track and channel differences of opinion constructively.

  • Get your point across more persuasively without people misunderstanding you.

  • Get people to speak up in meetings, think together, and share ideas more openly.

  • Challenge other’s views respectfully in ways that don’t deteriorate into argument.

  • Have conversations that bring engagement and results.

  • Replace dead-end debate and argument with more skillful discussion and dialogue.

  • Transform your workplace by creating a conversational culture where people feel safe to raise hard issues and to bring innovative ideas to the front.

How do I know I can help you?

I grew up in communist Cuba, where the flow of free conversations was not possible. I remembers a time before Communism took over where people were unafraid to speak their minds. I fondly recall spending many happy evenings, on the porch, listening in on my parents’ conversations with their neighbors about business, politics, religion, love and life in general.

My fascination with conversations began at that time but all of these interactions changed when Communism asserted itself. There were no more conversations on the porch, distrust amongst people grew and free speech became nonexistent. I then valued conversations and the freedom to have them even more.

I left Cuba many years ago, yet today in the “free” world, the scenario in many places is not very different from what it was back in Cuba. I have talked to families in which everyone (except maybe one person) sits in silence, with eyes downward, afraid to ‘tick off’ that one overbearing person. I have walked into workplaces where there is no buzz of conversations anymore. All you hear is the clicking of keyboards. I have been in meetings where there are only a series of monologues with nobody really listening or engaged, and nobody daring to speak their minds. I have seen leadership teams that are ineffective because they lack effective leadership communication.

Therefore, when I did my PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Dialogue, and Change, I put all my energies in learning everything I could not only on these subjects, but also on how our neuropsychology affects all of these. Through my work and further continuing trainings I have learned that everything a leader does successfully is very closely tied to the conversations they have and the state of mind they are in and help create in others.  

I consider myself a conversation strategist. I decided to lead a movement of people, a community, that connect and help each other be better leaders by having open dialogue in conversations. Thus my Leading Through Conversations intensive program and the  Mastermind Leadership Conversations group I conduct are centered around leadership communication, to help people develop leadership skills for the new millennium.

I’m good at connecting with others and in turn helping people connect with each other. As a Latina, I understand the power of "familia" (family) and supportive relationships. In most organizations, many of the problems that executives face are due to disconnection and silos. I can help you discover how much more you can accomplish through collaboration and connection.

Leading through Conversations…

The essential actions leaders take happen almost entirely through conversations.  Conversations are every leader’s business.  They are at the core of what leaders do. Words have power.  You need to master the power of conversations.  

This 12 weeks conversation coaching intensive is for you if you are. . .

  • building a business,

  • leading change,

  • part of an executive team,

  • dealing with difficult discussions,

  • revitalizing a team,

  • coping constructively with complaints, or

  • going from management to higher leadership

In fact, leadership is really ‘a stream of conversations.’  Think of all the leadership tasks you achieve through conversations.  There’s change conversations, goal-setting and problem-solving conversations, planning and coaching conversations — to name a few – not forgetting those ever-present and often troublesome difficult conversations.

Dr. Ada Gonzalez

Dr. Ada Gonzalez

Through conversations, we connect with others, inspire, influence, energize, motivate and set the emotional climate to build positive working relationships.  Conversations are simply too important for leaders to ignore.  The caliber of conversations you have is a telling indicator of team culture, leadership climate and change success, and a key element for the effective functioning of any team.  Ultimately, it’s conversations what determine the performance culture of your workplace.

A Profile of the Program

As a leader, you’re the role model for the way conversations happen in your place.  Your ability to conduct more skillful conversations is really an indispensable leadership tool!

This 12-weeks conversation intensive program helps you master essential skills for more constructive conversations and the art of powerful dialogue.  It gives you a useful set of foundation tools to get your conversations out of unproductive debate/argument mode and steer them toward more constructive dialogues.

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 Who enrolls in this coaching intensive?

This intensive program can benefit you as a leader (eg. senior executives, executive team leaders, CEO's, CFO's VIP's, division leaders, human resources directors, or those that want to have "a seat at the table"). If you want to increase your personal mastery of communication tools and work on ways to foster more productive conversations in meetings and other interactions – either at work or in the broader community–this program is for you!.

How is this program different and what will I learn?

When you dig down into what you do as a leader day-in and day-out, you spend a lot of time having conversations.  They’re the major forum where you build relationships, solve problems, make decisions, take action and learn together – but most leaders never stop to think how they might become better at them.  Knowing when and how to use different conversational tools is a vital but neglected element for personal mastery, inspirational leadership and business success.

 Leading through conversations offers an exceptional opportunity to improve the quality of your conversation skills.  You can widen the range of tools you can utilize in all sorts of settings – one-on-one, group meetings and problem-solving sessions, to mention a few. It will help you to:

  1. Diagnose your communication style and how well it’s working for you.

  2. Observe and interpret more accurately what’s going on in dialogues and meetings.

  3. Move from debate to dialogue.

  4. Develop the capacity to structure conversations and lead other people through them.

  5. Practice and apply new conversation skills in real life situations.

  6. Raise the level of frank, open interchange of views and perspectives between people.

  7. Learn how to structure transformative conversations and skillful dialogue, leading other people through it.

  8. Practice new conversation skills and tools.

You will also receive an electronic copy of my book: Transformative Conversations: The heart of the leadership journey

This program will give you the confidence and skills you need to develop a leadership that can meet the challenges of the 21st century!   

What to Expect at the Conversational Coaching Intensive Program

When you’re at work, you seldom get a safe environment to practice in.  In work conversations, you’re under pressure ‘playing the game’ – there’s no time to reflect, it’s too risky to try out a new tool or approach and you rarely get feedback about your conversational behavior.  In order to give you the level of support you deserve, I keep this coaching program very small: Only a maximum of 15 participants. In this way you can be sure to receive a level of individual care that most online programs don't offer. At our conversational coaching intensive we:

  • Take a tool-kit based approach: Equip you with a set of simple, effective and easy-to-learn tools.

  • Provide practice in a safe environment: Part of the appeal of our intensive program is you get to practice in a safe, small group environment to develop new strategies for managing your conversations in a more mindful and effective manner. We will have weekly group coaching calls where you can take "the hot seat" or learn by listening Dr. Ada coach another leader that might have similar issues to yours. The "hot seat" is very coveted and is given on a "first come first serve basis." Each week you will have an opportunity to state your desire to participate. We will also have a totally private FB group, where you can also ask questions and share your insights with others.

  • Come with a wise guide to support your ongoing learning. You can also choose to have extra ongoing support (individual or group coaching) during or after the intensive as you continue to make changes.

  • Focus on practicing the tools with real life issues: We think people learn best through doing – so the focus of our intensive is on giving you the tools to practice and building your confidence to use the tools back at your daily work.

  • Deal with real-life conversational challenges: We address the real conversational challenges you face, adapting the content of each coaching call to cover major areas of need or interest for you and the group.

  • Individualized follow up option: Based on your individual needs, you can opt in for a 6 month group or private individualized follow up coaching program, or become part of a mastermind group. This will increase your capacity to lead through conversations and will help you develop your weaker areas. You will have guidance and support as you integrate the knowledge gained into your everyday leadership challenges.

The Twelve Week Program

Weeks 1-12: Diagnoses your conversational strengths and challenges and introduces a framework for moving from debate to dialogue. You will start learning and practicing the 9 skills of constructive conversations.  

Weeks 1 & 2

  • Introduction: The conversational nature of leadership

  • Diagnostic: Your conversational strengths and challenges (based on your test scores). Setting conversational coaching improvement goals

  • Coaching session: how strengths and challenges affect your leadership

Week 3 & 4 

  • Leading through conversations: The basic 9 conversational skills and how they impact your talk

  • Authenticity. Getting in touch with your inner voice

  • How discarding masks improves engagement

  • Coaching session: story-telling and story-listening

Week 5 & 6

  • Introducing the first skill set: Slowing down. Pause, suspend, and listen

  • Why reflexion is vital for change and innovation

  • How slowing down helps to move faster, and how to open up individual and corporate time for it

  • Coaching session: inner dialogue, silence, and reflection

Week 7 & 8

  • Assumption making: ladder of inference, and biases

  • Listening levels and tips

  • How checking assumptions and listening can shorten your meetings, facilitate collaboration, and ensure money and time are not wasted. Big ROI!

  • Coaching session: assumptions and listening

Week 9 & 10

  • From debate to dialogue: distinguishing differences, usefulness, and relationship to effective meetings

  • The second skill set: Moving forward. Inquiry, advocacy, and an open mind

  • Powerful questions, discovery and learning

  • Coaching session: How to craft questions and how questions influence outcomes

Week 11 & 12

  • Sharing what you have to say cleanly and clearly

  • How to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, and create trust

  • How an open mind leads to innovation and collaboration

  • Coaching session: Challenges with implementation

Weeks 13-24: Continues to explore the 9 skills with more tools and practice opportunities. Teaches you how to apply your learning to specific issues in the workplace.

Week 13 & 14

  • The power of dialogue

  • How to connect with peers and others in 2nd position

  • What conversational roles do you play?

  • What is a dialogue circle and what elements should be present. Try conducting one at work

  • Coaching session: Wins and challenges conducting a dialogue circle

Week 15 & 16

  • Raising hard issues without raising defensiveness

  • Managing negative emotions

  • How your heart influences your conversations positively or negatively

  • How face to face conversations help elicit empathy and compassion

  • How to navigate conversations in the electronic world

  • Coaching session: Challenges with listening to your heart and with electronic interactions

Week 17 & 18

  • The third skill set: Go! Build, embrace, and transform.

  • How trust, respect, and competence raises the level of openness and disclosure

  • How to build trust and respect through dialogue

  • Coaching session: Dealing with difficult moments

Week 19 & 20

  • Conversational coaching scorecard

  • Creating a conversational work culture: how embracing mutuality, honesty, and joy invites engagement

  • Coaching session: Practicing conversations using the scorecard. Individualizing your scorecard

Week 21 & 22

  • Evolving into a conversational leader

  • How your personality influences the kind of conversations that are harder for you.

  • How dialogue connects and gives you an advantage in the new business climate

  • Coaching session: Transforming into the future

Week 23 & 24

  • How to create the best environment for dialogue.

  • How to implement in your space what you have been learning.

  • Creating your leadership future

  • Coaching session: Final circle of reflection and follow up options.

It’s time to commit to leading through conversations.

By taking part in this program you will get:

  • Amazing insights and a brand new outlook on how much your leadership can improve when you are willing to show up, own up, and grow up.

  • Unlimited access to all the program content, including any future updates of the program.

  • A live Q & A video session every week where not only questions will be answered, but the first 2 people to ask for live coaching will benefit from "the hot seat."

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you will get live feedback and interaction with a cohort of other leaders who can give you valuable feedback. There you can post questions and comments. Not only will others also share and comment on your questions, but the forum will give you direct access to me.

  • Training videos with PDF’s of the content of the 12 modules. It includes workbooks with questions, suggestions, and tips.

  • Life access to my Facebook Page “TransformativeConversations” where I post daily valuable tips you can use to maintain your leadership always fresh and effective.

    Take Action!

What about you? Are you being successful? Are you going to last in your position? Or are you blind to issues that could derail you? Do you have the skills that are needed in the future to be excellent in your job?  

You can continue to be...

  • lonely at the top,

  • burn out quickly, and

  • be part of the statistics for failure,

OR you can take control of your development and career path and make coaching part of your "must have" arsenal.

I know exactly what it takes to succeed in life and as a leader!

  • I’ve got an MA in educational and developmental psychology.

  • I have a PhD in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on organizational behavior, coaching, dialogue, and change.

For over 25 years I have successfully worked with leaders and organizations all over the world, helping them: increase productivity, improve communication between departments, reduce conflict, handle change effectively and massively increase the effectiveness of their teams through the power of transformative conversations.

Now, I would like to offer you and your organization the same opportunity. To register for the program, or to ask questions, you can schedule in MY CALENDAR a free one-on-one half hour exploratory conversation where we will evaluate your challenges and needs and see if you are a good fit for the program.  I will be happy to discuss with you how I can help with your particular issues.  I will make sure you get all the information you need.  During this session we could explore:

  • your present biggest challenges and gain clarity on what you could do about them.

  • hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building.

  • your readiness for emerging leadership challenges.

You will leave the session energized and ready for bigger success. 

Don't wait longer!  Register right now below, send me an email, or schedule a telephone conversation with me. 

For this online program, you only have to enroll right now and we will start rolling out the program at the end of January, 2019. You will receive further instructions after you enroll.

I Only HAVE 25 spots available so reserve yours now!


I’m only one woman and I believe in giving myself fully. Since I'm opening only 25 spots, they will fill up quickly. I have only been offering this program twice a year, so, hurry up to reserve your spot!.

If you are serious about becoming an extraordinary leader learning to be more effective with your communication, and are willing to go full-steam ahead to prepare for using the power of leading through conversations, the time is now!

I’m selective about who I work with. You have to have a winner’s attitude and be willing to work on yourself and your leadership! I only make a limited number of spots available for working with me each month, so go ahead, claim yours before someone who wants it more grabs it first.

Claim your spot today so you can secure your participation. Schedule a call right now!

You can also ask Dr. Ada how to bring this program to your organization.