RESET Video 3 - Transcript

Not long ago I visited The Grand Canyon. Such an incredible experience is hard to capture in a photo or to explain! Standing at the brink of the Canyon at Desert View Point and looking down made me feel very glad for the fence holding me back from the abyss. In situations like that, something to hold you back is great. However, when it comes to getting to the next level of success it’s another story. Have you ever felt that you are standing at the brink of great success but are held back by your limiting beliefs, failure stories, and excuses? It’s time to leave all that baggage behind and jump into your best performance.

By changing the way you think and talk to yourself you can create a fertile field for action and learning resulting in amazing growth. You will reach effective and new levels of performance. You can create predictable and lasting results by learning how to design new pathways for success in your mind.

The main reason you don’t advance to your next level of success are your fears. Fears can keep you stuck! And before you protest that you have no fears, take a step back and think for a moment. Most everybody has conscious and unconscious fears, which results in the brain getting confused by contradictory information, and therefore not taking any action.

Let me give you an example that illustrates this. Alice was a 28 year old happily married woman trying to juggle two part time jobs and her home life. She was tired of spending close to 70 hours a week working and making minimum money. She was tired of dealing with a difficult boss. She was tired of feeling that life was seeping past her. She came to me because she was feeling increasingly anxious and depressed. She was using medication, but this helped her only up to a point.

Over time I learned that Alice was good natured and ambitious but felt trapped in a rut with no possibility of advancement. She felt she couldn’t move forward economically or career wise. She felt she needed more education, but didn’t really want to invest too much time and money in a formal degree. Therefore, she had not even explored any other training possibilities.

On one hand, Alice knew the years were relentlessly passing, and the longer she waited entrapped in her never ending long hours for low pay, the harder it would be to do anything different. On the other hand, she wondered how she could leave the security of her jobs and risk not been able to make ends meet. What if her husband thought she was not “pulling her weight?” What if her family thought she was making a mistake by looking for “something better” instead of being content with what she had? 

As we kept talking she realized she had more fears than she thought she had. She had fears of failure, but she also had fears of success. She feared if she took steps to move forward and failed, she might be so disappointed that she would not be able to recover from it. She also feared that if she succeeded and was able to do a short training that would qualify her for a 2 much better full time job, her friends and family would think she was “getting too full of herself,” and would resent her. Or she might make more money than her husband and “make him feel bad.”

No wonder her anxiety and depression was keeping her stuck! What was going on inside her brain was that her fears were causing an emotional earthquake in her amygdala. The contradictory messages of wanting to move forward, but having so many fears, kept the part of the brain that gets things done (the motor cortex) paralyzed.

Her anxiety was the result of her conflicting feelings about the security and familiarity of her two part jobs versus the frustration of not being able to have a better full time job with more money. This in turn, kept her feeling exhausted and depressed. From a neurological viewpoint, whenever her cortex tried to move her toward her goal of a better life, her fears generated an overactive amygdala and disrupted her cortical intentions, dragging her further away from success.

Being aware of and exploring her fears was an important part of getting ready to take action. But eventually, after talking about her fears, exploring them, and planning what to do instead, she had to take action. She had to explore educational options. She had to enroll in the 6 weeks program she felt would qualify her for the full time job she wanted. She had to talk to her husband about living for six weeks with less money. She had to let go of one of her jobs. And then, after training, she had to put out applications for her ideal job.

The story ends well, because once she started taking action, her anxiety and depression diminished considerably. Her enthusiasm for her training made her feel alive and engaged. And eventually she landed a great job with full benefits and making about double of what she made before in her dead end jobs. And as icing on the cake, she was now in a position where she had opportunities for further advancement. 

What are your fears? How can you become more aware of them? How can you calm yourself enough to be able to take appropriate action?

On my last video I promised you I would introduce you to my RESET program. The RESET program is a 60 days in-depth experience designed to help you break thinking and behavior patterns that have you stuck and help to create the future you crave. It is based on the latest brain research. It will help you explore and overcome what is keeping you stuck. Making the changes you need easier, when you have the knowledge and support that can propel you forward.

You can learn to take control NOW of your most powerful tool, YOUR BRAIN! You will then be able to change internal patterns of behaviors and emotions that are holding you back.

Here are some of the things you will discover and learn in the RESET program 

You will learn HOW to:

• Apply powerful scientifically proven strategies to rewire your brain’s connections.

• Eliminate feelings of uncertainty and understand the mindset require to succeed. Are you Ready to thrive?

• Learn how to think, act, and reflect in a way that accelerates your success. Use the power of your imagination to Envision yourself using the new mindset and behaviors.

• Learn not only how to set your goals but how to achieve them with decisiveness, action and focus. Create a successful Strategy.

• Gain clarity about what, why, and how you are going to change your mindset. Experience total Engagement.

• Use Repetition until the new is not hard anymore. Take Time to establish the kinds of habits that take you from stress, that steals your energy, and vitality to outstanding performance that makes you thrive. 

You can learn to RESET your BRAIN for success! That’s how you’ll reach your highest level of productivity. That’s how you’ll find more purpose and meaning in your life.

Above all, you’ll learn to enjoy fully, not only the end result, but every step of the way. Enjoyment is a big part of thriving. When you accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions you will experience the enjoyment that taking control of your life brings.

This program is one of the most popular and valuable services I have ever offered. If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to break the negative behaviors that have you stuck and develop the positive mindset and behaviors that will RESET your mind for success and propel your business to the next level – THIS IS IT! Don't wait! Get started right now!

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