RESET Video 1- Transcript

Do you ever dream of doing something, but then feel you can't do it? Do you really want to move forward to your next level of success? Do you want to be able to think and act like a thriving professional and business owner? Imagine if you could change the way you think and act in a way that propels you to success.

Imagine you are practicing for the opening of a great match and are perfecting your game and moves so that on match day, you become a great force to contend with, unstoppable! I have good news for you: You can do that. You can change anything about yourself!

Great visionaries like Walt Disney emphasized "If you can dream it, you can do it." Goethe stated, "Whatever you are able to do or dream you can initiate it. Boldness has magic, genius, and strength. Start now!" Michelangelo said, "The biggest threat for many of us is not that our goals are too high and we might miss them, but they are too low and we may reach them."

The list of words of wisdom can go on and on. There have been great minds throughout the centuries that have learned the secret of getting unstuck and moving forward to success. You can start right now!

Just think, most of who you are is the result of repetitive behaviors rooted in beliefs you have about yourself. And most of your beliefs are repetitive thoughts. To become a thriving professional, you have to change the way you think about yourself and your business.

Try something with me right now. See with your mind's eye, something you have always wanted to do. Go on, take your time. Let your imagination go. Is it swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean? Is it finishing your education? Starting your own business? Making enough money to get out of debt? Whatever it is, you can accomplish it! The first step is to see your dream as real!

You can get all the training you want about processes and "how to's" (and like me, you probably have taken multiple trainings). Yet, unless you change your mindset, you will not take action. Let me ask you something. How many trainings, recordings, and sunder fantastic forms and programs do you have sitting around or saved in your computer? And how many of those excellent suggestions have you put into practice?

If you are like many people I work with, you find personal change and business development difficult because you may . . .

• Be too busy serving and helping others that your own development is stagnant.

• Feel stuck or overwhelmed with no clear direction.

• Procrastinate or put off important business activities.

• Are fearful of jumping to the next level of success.

• Deal with lots of stress and pressure.

• Not have enough time to make sure your business is on track for the growth you want.

The truth is, the thing that keeps you stuck are old habits of mind. You want to change, but it seems as if you're stuck. The pressure is on and your future is on the line!

You may want to make changes but are confused and overwhelmed with conflicting information and don't know how to go about making the changes you need. Maybe you have tried on your own before and failed to make changes in your lifestyle, emotional reactions, or work habits. Now you fear you just can't get to the next level. Maybe you have not given enough effort to change those negative features that are holding you back, or have become discouraged trying for a time, and then abandoning your effort. These are just a few examples of habits of mind that can result in "business suicide" even for the most capable person. If you can relate to any of the above, you're in the right place!

If you are ready to take control of your life and business and make the changes you know you need to make for greater success, you are in the right place! You see, that's exactly where Linda Kay


Linda Kay was an IT Solution Delivery Manager at HP/GO in Houston, Texas. After going through this program, she said: "Before I started working the RESET program the stress of my job was giving me daily headaches. Literally! I felt overwhelmed and quickly got upset or angry. My relationship with my team was strained and mostly negative. By working the program I was able to learn how my usual way of thinking was contributing to my stress, and was able to reduce my stress level. With Dr. Ada, I was able to make a major career/life change, shifting to working from home on my own business, with minimum stress and no headaches!"

You see, Linda had taken several leadership trainings and trainings about organization, team leadership, and similar subjects. But nobody had shown her howto change her habits of mind which augmented her stress levels and kept her on edge. Her negative thinking and tendency to think about worst scenarios had a lot to do with her feelings. No amount of "how to" training was going to change that. She had to learn to RESET her mindset to a more positive track. Only then could she apply all the other information she had.

What about you? Where do you want to be in a year? You might like to. . .

  • Be able to inspire and motivate others.
  • Make more of a difference in other people's lives.
  • Have more predictable income and be able to expand your business to the next level.
  • Have more time for your family.
  • Take more vacation time.
  • Have the lifestyle you dream of and the money you need to support it.

You can get unstuck, live your dreams and be highly successful! But I need to warn you that what makes the biggest difference is not so much what I can teach you. It's how willing you are to take action. I will keep the material I give you short and to the point to give you more time for implementing right away the suggestions I give you.

For today, all I want you to do is to take a few minutes to answer the following question:

"What is the one thing I could change (habit of mind, way of thinking, way of acting, or whatever) that would make the biggest difference for my life and/or my business?"

For Linda, it was to stop fearing "what could happen" and focus on what she could do today. For others it's to be more organized. Still others feel if they kicked out the bad habit of procrastination that would influence everything else. Everybody is different. You already know what that "one thing" is.

Once you have answered that question, go to our FB group, RESET your Brain for Success, and share with us the one thing you want to change right now because you feel it will make the biggest difference in your success.

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