Video 2 Transcript

Contrary to the old saying that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks, the new brain research shows that you CAN learn new behaviors and ways of thinking regardless of your age. Not only can your adult brain change, but it keeps producing new neurons all the time; which means that you also have the capacity to learn and keep changing, as long as you live.

You can reach far beyond your normal existence, get out of your comfort zone, and with your imagination, go beyond what previously seemed impossible. By going deeper, and understanding yourself better, you can create a better balance. You can become more focused on the positive. Most people are focused on what they believe they “can’t” do, instead of on what they “can” do. Fear is usually the culprit and tends to paralyze you. But you can RESET your mind to overcome this and take the right actions to be successful.

We have a lot of scientific evidence that shows what works to develop new thinking pathways. To RESET your mind, you need to tailor your learning and actions to the specific needs of your brain. For learning to be transformational, you need to be practical. You need to develop specific plans for action. You need to take time to reflect. You need to think of practical applications to your life and work. That’s the only path to unlock the door to your success. 

Let me share with you an example from my own life. I came to the USA to start college when I was 20 years old. At the time I did not know a word of English. Because I was living in Costa Rica, and the school year there ends in November, I came to start the second semester of the school year. That probably saved me! You see, when a foreign student comes to college in the USA, they have to take an English proficiency test. Depending on your score, you are assigned to take English for foreigners, or you are permitted to register for regular classes.

Because I came in January, they did not have the set up for the test in place, and decided to let me register and see how I did. One thing I knew about myself was that I did not do well with studying grammar, vocabulary, sentences structure, and the like. Not even in Spanish! I’m usually better at totally immersing myself into the new and learning by doing. I also love to read and “absorb” good language and writing in that way.

The story is long and I will not bore you with all the details. Suffice is to say that because I intuitively knew the needs of my brain, I took classes that I had some idea of what they were about, tried talking to classmates, and they tried to guess what I was trying to say and said it back to me in the correct way, checked out children’s books from the library and read them (starting with lower grade books and progressing as my English improved), read aloud to any friend that was willing to listen and correct me, and by the end of the school year, had passed all my classes and could understand about 1/2 of what was going on.

It wasn’t until years later, when I had finished a master degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology that I came to understand why my brain works the way it does, and how transformational learning works. Now, when I teach others how to use the power of their minds to be successful, I do it based on what has been proven to work. But I also have my experience to fall back on. I love showing people how much richer and joyful their lives can be when they use the power of their minds to take them where they want to go.

Remembering how I made a success of learning a totally new language and culture has helped me many times when I have felt tempted to think I can’t do something. That memory keeps me optimistic when a challenge comes my way and I feel inadequate. I often say to myself: “If I was able to learn a language and culture from scratch and eventually able to earn a Ph.D. and write a book, I can also do this! (Whatever the “this” is). 

What I want you to do today is to think of a story from your life in which you were successful at going through some challenging change. I want you to revisit that moment and to remember the strengths you used or developed in your way to conquer that challenge. Take a bit of time and write it down. Then share that story with someone and ask that person to notice and tell you what strengths they see exemplified in your story.

You can learn to unlock the door to your success! In my next video, I will introduce you to a powerful program I have developed through which you can learn how to RESET your mind. The program is based on the latest neuroscience research about how the brain works and on my 25+ years of experience as a psychologist and executive coach and helping people change. 

You will be able to get away from limiting beliefs and learn to think and act like a flourishing person so you can craft the business and life you want.

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