Growing something new

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Each one of us has needed a new beginning at some point. New clothes, due to a change in weight or work, requiring a new wardrobe. New friendships, because we moved away. A new job, because we need another challenge. A new house, because we outgrew the old one. A new relationship. A new baby. A new start, because our whole life needed changing.  

Some times new growth is so slow and gradual that we almost fail to notice it. Like a late coming Spring. It seems nothing is happening, until we realized the sun is shining, the temperature is consistently over 60 and the trees have new leaves. 

Other times the new is dramatic. Like the coming of a fierce storm, bringing big destruction in its path. The aftermath requires drastic reconstruction and healing. 

Some times new growth is very hard work. Like the toil and problems the Pilgrims endured to be able to live a new life in a new country. 

At other times, the new surprises us, like a sudden ray of sun sneaking out from beneath a black and dreary sky: an unexpected promotion, a sudden new insight that solves a difficult problem, or a new friend that comes dancing into our life when we least expected it.

No matter how it comes, or in which style, you need to be willing and ready to embrace the new. Don’t keep so busy with the drudgery of the urgent, important, and familiar, that you don’t leave time for the new and vital.

I want to challenge you, now that Spring is in full swing and you might be trying your hand at growing some new flowers or plants, to take a few minutes to “daydream.” Dream about “what might be.” Think about what is the new you need to grow in your life, your family, your relationship, or your work.

Then follow the dream with a clear design and specific objectives. Try some of the following tips: 

  1. Pare down your list of dreams to the three most important to you. 

  2. Write down why they are important to you. 

  3. Choose one that you would be willing to start doing NOW. The best way to take action is to start as soon as you make the decision. 

  4. Devise a reasonable plan on how to incorporate the new in your life. Examine how you might “sabotage” your plan and formulate ways to prevent this from happening. Be specific and realistic. Start small and grow into it.

By doing this, you will be empowered to learn and grow. If you stop growing, you’ll die. And there is nothing sadder than a living person that is dead! Beautiful flower gardens require dreams, design, and lots of time and work. 

Remember. . .

Dream big, envision something new. Plan and act on your dream with purpose and perseverance. Then, find someone to accompany and encourage you in your journey. Go grow something new in your life!

To reflect upon

Today is my birthday and after 67 years of living, I still dream of new places to visit, new people to know and help, new leaders to inspire. What is your dream? What is something new you can grow in your life? What is something new you can grow in your relationship? How can you contribute to grow something new in your organization.  Share with us!  

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