How to increase your bottom line and create loyalty

My husband and I were on the beach for the day at Costa Maya, Mexico. It was an idyllic setting! Crystal clear warm waters, shade under the coconut trees, a soft breeze, white soft sand under our toes. . . a day to just relax and enjoy!   

We had taken a short taxi drive to the beach. The moment we got there, Manuel, a very warm and kind host, welcomed us, and took us to a great spot under a palapa (circular open structure with a roof made of dry palm leaves). Beside the table and chairs under the palapa, he also brought us a couple of lounge chairs to lie on and soak up the sun.

Used to most beach resorts, we asked how much we would need to pay for the use of the shade, chairs, and facilities. He answered with a big smile and an expansive wave of his arms: “nothing, it’s free for your use. Just call me if you need anything else.” WOW! What a treat!

You can well imagine what happened over the course of the day. When we were thirsty, we called Manuel (who often came around to check on us) for refreshments: cold coconut water and a soda for me, a bear for my husband, water, more sodas. When we got hungry, we again sampled the delicious fish tacos listed in the menu he provided and a few other treats. His boss also came around several times to make sure we were comfortable and enjoying our day at the beach.

By providing for our comfort, they gained our loyalty and got our business. I suspect if they had charged for the use of their facilities, we probably would have spent less money on food and drink, and would have gone to other places to try and find “a better deal.” 

Their kindness and a costumer oriented thinking made our day more enjoyable. I think some times leaders are so worried about “the bottom line” they can forget what is most important: service to the clients. If you focus your leadership in making sure the clients you serve are well taken care of, and their needs met, the bottom line will take care of itself!

Questions for Reflection

Do you know what your clients think about your products and service? As a leader, what can you do to encourage exceptional costumer service?   Share your comments with us.

Ada GonzalezComment