Commit to Possibilities

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We have reached the last week of the first month of the year. By now you have probably been bombarded with everything you can think of about goals, planning for the year, motivation, what leads to success, and any other thing that speaks about the beginning of the year and what you should do to be ready for the rest of the year. I have purposefully stayed away from sharing similar ideas. You might ask, why?

My reasoning is simple. I have seen too many organizations, leaders, families, and successful women start the year with much enthusiasm and in two months totally forget everything they so carefully planned in January. As I see it, the problem lies in too much planning and too little belief in possibilities.

Many people plan, but are already thinking all kind of reasons why their plans will not succeed. If your mind is used to negative thinking, no amount of planning will take you to success. For any type of plan to succeed you need to believe it’s possible. You have to have no doubt in your mind that the plan will succeed.

You see, pessimists are right.

Optimists are also right.

Expectations have magical powers.

Probably many of you know the story of the two salesmen who went down to Africa in the early 1900s. They were sent down to find if there was any opportunity for selling shoes,. Both wrote telegrams back to Manchester. The pessimist one wrote, "Situation hopeless. Stop. They don't wear shoes." And the optimist wrote, "Glorious opportunity. They don't have any shoes yet."

What would it be for you this year?

So many people to connect with.

So many opportunities to learn.

So many doors to open.

So many helping hands to be offered.

Yes, everything could go wrong. Your marriage could end. Your child could get in trouble. You could loose your job. Your loved one could get sick. The list of things that can go wrong could be long.

It’s up to you to decide what you will commit to. And today’s as good a day as any to commit to possibility.

At the end of this first month of the year I want to invite you to watch a
TED Talk: Benjamin Zander: The Transformative Power of Classical Music
 (20-minute video). This delightful talk is given by a musician passionate about classical music and why it’s for everybody. He says of classical music, “it awakens possibility in other people.” As a classically trained pianist I couldn’t agree more! Just think of the possibilities you can awakened in those you interact with by using the transformative power of committing to possibilities.

Remember. . .

When you believe in and commit to possibilities, not only can you achieve more, you can also inspire others to do the apparently impossible.