Six Traits of an Emotionally Mature Leader

Do you have the traits of an emotionally mature leader?

About 55 years ago Dr. O. T. Binkley, professor of Christian ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, offered 6 marks of an emotionally mature person. These traits are so timeless and important that every leader should strive to cultivate them. Today, these traits are considered part of the traits of an Emotionally Intelligent person. However you decide to call them, the leaders who have these traits, will be the most successful.

Here are the traits as Dr. Binkley shared them:

  1. He knows how to make decisions and accept the consequences of his decisions.
  2. He faces an unalterable situation in which he has a deep personal interest with poise and a minimum of conflict.
  3. He is willing and able to work with people with whom there is some disagreement.
  4. He accepts constructive criticism without rationalization.
  5. He undertakes to do what needs to be done today without excessive regret over the past and without excessive anxiety about the future.
  6. He has a reasonably objective attitude toward reality.

These are marks of the person who has developed the habit of adjustment and adaptation to any circumstance. These are marks of the leader that can navigate everyday challenges as well as unique trying challenges. These are the marks of a leader that can be trusted. How close are you to hitting these six marks? 

Reflect and Share

Which of these traits do you think are most vital for a leader to have? What circumstances can help cultivate these traits? Which ones are easier or more difficult for you? Share your comments with us.

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