The balance between sympathy and responsibility.

Some times you are criticized because you refused to do someone else’s job, and accused of being “insensitive.”

Some times family members get mad at you and try to make you feel bad for not giving them what they want.

Some times you wonder how to know when to have sympathy and say yes and when to stand firm on your boundaries and say no.

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Have you consider that he problem may actually be with them? They may be asking for too much or for something they should be doing for themselves.

People tend to avoid taking responsibility and prefer to put things on others. Even the people closest to you will sometimes do that. (And you’ll sometimes do it to them).

Lack of sympathy will make you cold and insensitive. It can also hurt others.

Too much sympathy allows people to be weaker than they need to be. 

Responding with love is important.

Tough love also has its place.

Ada GonzalezComment