Are you a Bully?

Are you a Bully?

Many think that leaders are supposed to be demanding, critical, and driven, among other things. The problem is that many of the behaviors exhibited by leaders can easily be classified as bullying behaviors. How do you know if you are being a leader. . . or a glorified bully?

It’s ok to criticize poor performance. But if you publicly criticize performance and humiliate performers, you are being a bully.

It’s ok to encourage people to do things out of their comfort zone, but if you force people to do things they don’t want to do, you are being a bully.

It’s ok to have strong opinions and preferences, and to express them. But if you take feedback personally, become defensive, and ignore the opinion of others, you are being a bully.

It’s ok to feel more comfortable working with certain people. But if you publicly strongly favor or disfavor people, you are being a bully.

Do you notice the difference? A bully doesn’t care about others. A bully is only interested in their own comfort and advancement, regardless of the lateral damage.

A real leader has a healthy base of humility, respect for others and fairness. They can have drive and determination, but they also consider the wellbeing of all.

Reflect and Share

You can be a great leader or a great bully. It’s your decision!

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