The secret to getting more from your team

Have you ever thought your team had more to give, but you weren't quite sure how to get it out of them?

Have you ever felt frustrated that, despite your best efforts, your team is not producing what you feel they have the potential to perform?

Are members of your team undermining your efforts or those of their peers, causing conflicts and frustrations?

In my years working with leaders I have seen one basic difference between leaders of highly productive teams and those that struggle with producing results:

It doesn't have to do with intelligence.

It doesn't have to do with strategy and vision.

It doesn't have to do with operational know how.

The fundamental distinction comes down to one thing: their approach. That's it! They play down management and play up coaching. They get the most out of their teams because they consistently put the most into their teams:

  • They believe in their people,

  • They want them to succeed,

  • They show appreciation for their team’s performance, and

  • They’re committed to coaching and developing them so that they consistently perform to the maximum of their abilities.

Remember. . .

The leader that has a coaching approach consistently achieves the highest level of productivity, while at the same time earning the highest level of trust and rapport with his team.

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Photo by: grendelkhan

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