Leading teams requires interactive conversations

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Poet and Fortune 500 consultant David Whyte said that “The core act of leadership must be the act of making conversations real.” Conversations occur in human voices. Your voice is the public expression of your authentic identity, of who you really are, of where you really come from. Above all, your voice is the expression of your authentic leadership.

Leading a team is about creating opportunities for conversation. Talk may be cheap, but genuine conversation is priceless. Your leadership voice is heard in conversation. You can’t generate smart ideas, creatively solve problems, or influence others without free-spirited conversation.

As a leader, the quality of the culture you create depends on the quality of relationships, which depend on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversation. As a leader you need to learn the art of leading through conversation.


  • build relationships.

  • create opportunities for deeper, more meaningful and new possibilities.

  • increase engagement, commitment and accountability.

  • facilitate, indeed expedite, building trust-based relationships.

  • make connection and collaboration possible.

  • are the best vehicle for influence.

  • enhance learning in organizations.

  • build shared commitment.

Leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls your people toward becoming the best they can be.

Remember. . . 

Through conversations, leaders mobilize, inspire, influence, motivate, connect, make decisions and move people to action. In fact, so many essential actions leaders take happen through conversations that you should see conversations as a core business process! 

Leading your team is about creating genuine conversations! 

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