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The super power of words

The words you write or speak to others can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory--either good or bad. It's super important to recognize the power of words and choose them wisely. You see, words can make or break a relationship. Your choice of words, and the way you express yourself, can accelerate or kill your career. Words have power!

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7 Mistakes that crush effective business communication-1

Effective business communication costs very little and the results can transform both you and your business. Communication and interpersonal skills are at the top of the list of what matters most today in leadership. Yet there are costly communication mistakes that are behind some of the worst problems leaders encounter. By learning to correct them, you will save time and money, your influence will increase, and you will have better relationships.

Today I'm going to share the first 3 and next week the next 4 mistakes.

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4 Common Barriers to Effective Conversations and how to break them

We all know the frustration of hitting a barrier, a roadblock while traveling. It prevents progress. It usually means a stop in traffic that can extend for miles. In conversations, it's not uncommon for barriers to arise when opinions and worldviews clash. We are human, and because of it, we have an innate need to protect and affirm our beliefs and opinions. Many times this can result in defensive behaviors and uneasy situations. Learn how to overcome your communication barriers.

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How Leaders Can Build Relationships at Work

Why do leaders need to build relationships?

Leaders who try to go it alone seldom accomplish much. Only until they build productive relationships with the people they lead can they begin to tap into the true potential of the group. But what does it take to build those relationships at work? On this blog post Dr. Ada is summarizing the most relevant findings from recently published research. It includes specific ideas on how to build relationships. 

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Leadership Words Matter

Nice words, ugly words, kind words, curse words, thankful words, sad words, positive words, negative words. . . What kind of words you use, said with what tone of voice, at what time, and how many of them. . . it all matters. Whether the environment of your business is productive and uplifting or negative and miserable depends, in great measure, on the words you use.

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How to be a better boss by Google's standards

All executives I talk to want to feel they are in the "better boss" category. The trick is to know better compared to what. And better judged by whom. In my ongoing quest to answer those questions I started looking at what different successful organizations considered a "better boss" was like. A report on a study Google undertook to find out what makes a boss most successful gives us a reliable measure to judge if you are a better boss or not.  

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