Three secrets for keeping your relationship positive no matter what else is going on in your life.

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Many people have difficulty with relationships. Seems that there is a lot of negativity going on. Yet, if asked, I'm sure you want to have positive relationships, whether at home or at work. Today I'm going to share with you three simple secrets that can have a big influence on your relationship, no matter what else in going on in your life. This doesn’t apply only to relating to your sweetheart, it applies to all relationships.

Positive words 

Words are powerful. The more positive words you share, the more positive your relationships will be. Simple courtesy words like “please,” “thank you,” “you are great,” and similar ones are a good place to start. Specific heartfelt compliments also go a long way. Try giving 3-5 specific compliments to your partner for 2 weeks and see what happens. An added benefit is that you will have to really look for positive actions and behaviors to compliment. This will shift your focus from looking at the annoyances to noticing the positives.

Positive actions 

They say that "actions speak lauder than words." You can say that you love some one. But if your actions toward that person are rude, negative, or indifferent, your actions are contradicting your words. You can tell a child you love her, but if every time she comes to share one of her little joys you are too busy for her, she will not feel loved. Go the second mile. Do helpful things. Do something that needs to be done without being ask. Do something that has been asked but you have not done yet. What is interesting is that when we act more positively, our feelings become more positive also. 

Positive images 

What you think usually is manifested in words and actions. Think positively about your loved one. Bring to your memory past positive moments instead of dwelling in past wrongs. Dream about positive future interactions instead of thinking that things will go from bad to worst. See your child finishing school successfully instead of thinking he will be a drop out. See yourself having a great vacation with your partner. Then think of ways you can not only share the dream, but make it possible.

Remember. . .

Start practicing these tips and see your relationship become more positive. Practice them at work and the environment will become more positive.


If you want a deeper dive into positivity, sign up for my Joyfully Us 21 days challenge. You will be surprise by how much happier your relationship can become!

Photo via Flickr by Danumurthi Mahendra