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Special Brain Recipe for a Merry Christmas

Do you smile or shudder when you think of the celebrations around Christmas and New Year? Many people fear office, family, or friend’s gatherings because of past unpleasant experiences. It’s as if they prime their brain for “feel bad” vibes. What if you tried something different this year? What if you decide to use your brain’s “feel good” power to add magic to the celebrations? Here’s a “brain recipe” for a Merry Christmas.

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Why leaders need brain awareness

This past week was International brain awareness week. Many leaders coast through life on automatic pilot and never stop to become aware on how they can optimize the power of their brains tp be better leaders.  

It turns out that the brains of effective leaders exhibit similar electrical patterns. Subjects rated "inspirational" by their employees generate high levels of coherence in the right frontal part of the brain. That's the region which is responsible for interpersonal communication and social relationships. It's the region where language and interpersonal capabilities such as empathy, co-operation and strategizing happens.

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