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Clarity for Change

We started the month of July sharing 3 obstacles to change: Negativity, Exclusion, and Confusion. Then followed up with how to turn Negativity into Positivity, and Exclusion into Inclusion. Today we are sharing why clarity is important for change and how to have clarity instead of confusion. 

A lack of clarity makes us feel uncertain, so rather than risk making a mistake, the natural human response is to say 'NO'! Learn how to use clarity for change.

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3 Obstacles that can derail your change efforts

If you are trying to implement any kind of change, for yourself or for your organization, and are having a hard time doing so, this post is especially for you.

As I go into different organizations a common complaint I hear is how much people resist change. Do you also think change would be a lot easier if there were no resistance to it?  

Today we talk about how eliminating 3 obstacles can greatly improve the success of change.

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Winning mindset

What is it that sets apart the very successful people from the failures?  Is it a set of personality traits? Is it a particular group of habits? An increased appetite for power? A high intelligence score? I'm sure each of these factors can play a part in success. Yet, as many research show,  the fundamental difference between the wildly successful and the merely mediocre is not any inborn characteristic or individual learned behavior but how the person thinks about skills and learning in general.

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How to set up a goal setting process that actually works

Yes, this blog is about goal setting again! It's part of my mini-series about change.  But don't freak out! And don't go away!  I’m not repeating the same old stuff you’ve already seen many times the first week of this new year.

Most people think that goal setting is all about thinking what they want to accomplish this year. Then, write it down, and work backwards to create mini goals to make them actionable. Well yes. . . sort of. . . That's part of it. But the problem is that people work at this backwards. That's the last part. So, stay with me and things will become clear. 

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Only 8% of people make changes. Are you one of them?

Let me guess: You want to lose weight in 2018, or just eat healthier. Perhaps you want to spend less money or spend more time with your friends and family. Maybe you want to stop procrastinating and finally start your own business. Whatever it is, Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is a shared American hobby.

Estimates say more than 40% of Americans make New Year's resolutions.  But for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction keep their resolutions. University of Scranton research suggests that just  8% of people achieve their New Year's goals.

You can be included on that 8%. This blogs explains how.

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Do you need to change anything?

Many times we talk about our desire to change. As the last month of the year progresses, we start taking inventory and thinking about what we need to change in the new year. We go back and forth between wanting to change and dreading the idea of change. You know deep down there are some things you really need to change, but how do you get ready to change? How can you get to that transformation that will signal you have really changed?

Unless your mind is ready to make a focused, no barrels hold, commitment to change, you are not ready. Do you know where you are in the continuum of readiness to change? December is a good month to contemplate the need for change. Keep reading to learn how to get ready.

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Why change doesn't work

We are starting the last month of the year. As the year starts unwinding to it’s end, we tend to become more contemplative of our life and work. We take inventory. We weight opportunities. We think about change. . .

Unfortunately, after many years of doing the same, making new resolutions for the new year, and failing at them, many give up on change and on themselves. If you are like them, you think about change, but have come to HATE change. . . or your failure with change. In today's post learn what works.

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How to reduce emotional turmoil during change

Many change efforts fail because people and their emotions are not factored into the equation. Change tends to create or increase anxiety, negativity, and emotional overload. Yet, it can also sharpens focus and purpose. Finding ways to enhance resilience will help reduce emotional burnout.  

Today, we are going to examine some of the most common negative psychological and emotional attitudes toward change that bring resistance and emotional turmoil. We will also explore what you can do to help people reduce emotional reactivity and turn it into energy for change.

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