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Commit to Possibilities

Many people plan, but are already thinking all kind of reasons why their plans will not succeed. If your mind is used to negative thinking, no amount of planning will take you to success. For any type of plan to succeed you need to believe it’s possible. You have to have no doubt in your mind that the plan will succeed. When you believe in possibilities, not only can you achieve more, you can also inspire others to do the apparently impossible.

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Special Brain Recipe for a Merry Christmas

Do you smile or shudder when you think of the celebrations around Christmas and New Year? Many people fear office, family, or friend’s gatherings because of past unpleasant experiences. It’s as if they prime their brain for “feel bad” vibes. What if you tried something different this year? What if you decide to use your brain’s “feel good” power to add magic to the celebrations? Here’s a “brain recipe” for a Merry Christmas.

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